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Check List When Buying A Pinball

Games I am looking for:

Ripley's Believe It Or Not
Apollo 13
Cirqus Voltaire
Dialed In!
Attack from Mars Remake LE
Pinball Magic
Avengers Hulk LE
Batman 66

My collection as ranked on Pinside (as of 9/17/2018)

#6 Stern Lord of the Rings
#12 Stern Star Trek LE
#13 Williams Star Trek Next Generation
#15 Stern Spiderman
#16 Bally Theatre of Magic
#24 Stern Ghostbusters Premium
#27 Stern Star Wars Premium
#35 Jersey Jack Hobbit LE
#37 American Pinball Houdini
#44 Stern X-Men LE Magneto


Here are some items I posted to Facebook that I should share on my web page.

My Lord of the Rings lit game blades are great but keep falling down. The tape that came with it was just around the outside. As shown in the photos below, I added more double sided tape to the right blade.

I also use Pinball Universe's blade protectors as shown below to protect the blades.

Hopefully enough double sided tape on this to stay up.

This is the double sided tape I used.

Below the blade is placed back into the game.

I put the right blade protector on to lower the play field.

The right blade is back in and turned on.

While playing X-Men, the ball got lost. Note that the left side of the game (lower part in the photo belo) is missing the bolt and nut to hold the gate to the post. But also note that the hole I need to screw is covered by a clear plastic. I have a lot of mods I will be adding. So below is the "quick fix".

I'll use a ratchet tie to align the holes temporarily.

The gate is attached to the post. The balls should no longer get stuck. (Photo is taken with the play field rasied on the service legs so the balls all rolled to the back.)

I bought a pinball topper from Tilttoper.com for X-Men. It looks great!

(Interesting how photo shop messed up the picture below at the bottom...)

Stan Lee past away on November 12, 2018. Here was my tribute photo to Stan. I wish I owned all the Marvel pinballs.

I bought HD glass from Stern. Here is Lord of the Rings below an LED florescent light with a lot of glare.

Here's the same game with the HD glass. It is much better. The glare shows in the photo but cannot be seen by the player standing in front of the game.



Lord of the Rings has the Stern HD glass. Hobbit has Invisiglass.

Before I went to Europe, I fixed a Dracula and was working on a Jurassic Park that a customer brought by. Before I left on vacation, I finished the Dracula. It was working perfectly. They took it home on the back of a flat truck attached to their SUV. In hindsight, it probably shook the game apart. They set up the game and played it and then came back after dinner and played again and it just stopped.

I cannot go on vacation knowing that a perfectly working machine is not working. So I had to drive there (1.5 hours each way) and fix it. Part of going there was that I felt an obligation to get it working knowing that the customer could probably not do so. It turned out that a switch fell off the game and swung into a coil and shorted the 12 volt opto circuit and fried the opto board. I replaced the opto board bu t the game still did not work. I replaced the driver board and it worked. That was unusual that the problem would get all the way to the driver board. They will (and did) buy a new opto board so I will get mine back. I had to cover the cost of the driver board, my 2 hours and driving. This is what makes this happy no so fun. I want to be fair but feel like I'm losing my life (or time in my life) a littoe at a time.

I drove a few miles to a gas station and got the "dreaded call" from the customer. The game was resetting. I drove back. Every thing was good. I thought I followed most of the steps in the pin wiki about ensuring that connectors were tight, ground was good, it was a repaired board so pretty much trusted all the solder flowed, etc. I added the Kahr daughter board to the MPU whihc uses the 12 volt circuit to make 5 volts. Was there 30 minutes playing it and left.

I came back from vacation and they told me the game has been constantly resetting. So I don't know if there is an issue at their home or something is still screwed up from the switch hitting the coil.

I provided them the pinwiki for resetting and highlighted several items, including using a different extension cord, tightening screws on the boards, reseating connectors, looking at the Thermistor (I have never looked or replaced this). They will try what I asked them to do since they are capable with electrical stuff. They said their outlets were providing 116-119 volts.

I want them to bring the game back to me so I do not have to drive there. This way I can see if it worked in my house and go from there.

I did fix the Jurassic Park. I have been playing it extensively and it plays great. I am afraid to get it back to them until we work out the power issue.

My first Data East game was Last Action Hero. So the sound effects in the game are associated to Last Action Hero. What I realize playing other Data East games is the same sound effects and music are used in other games (like Jurassic Park). So it feels cheap and not authentic to the theme. Which is probably why I don't enjoy playing or owning Data East games anymore.


I watched a cute video on NBC news this evening of a bear teaching her cub to climb a mountain. The cub almost makes it up the mountain and slides back down. The cub tries agains and fails. Finally, the cub climbs the mountain and walks away with her mother.

Given today's world, I am surprised the mother bear didn't get arrested by social services for not coddling her baby and picking up the cub. I am also surprised a group of people didn't come to the cub's rescue by assisting the bear up the mountain.

Of course, it is great that the bear taught her cub how to climb and survive in the real world. Maybe this is a lesson why younger adults cannot do well today based on the coddling they had when the grew up.

There was also a story about spanking children and it was not good for the child. Instead, we have a generation of kids that are spoiled and got everything they asked for. When they misbehaved, they were "reasoned with". These are unreasonable kids that need to understand consequences. They were unreasonable as children and many grew up to be unreasonable as adults (see my flame sometime below on what I think of participation trophies). Obviously beating kids is not good, but a light smack (or fear of a smack) teaches most kids right from wrong and helps them adjust to real world situations as they get older. Do these people that do these studies have children and live in the real world?

There were a few subjects in high school that my son was not good at. One of the most important lessons I think I taught him was, "it doesn't matter if you are right or have a different way to do something, just do what the teacher wants (exactly as the teacher wants) and pass the class. In the real world, you may have this occur sometimes with bad managers or just bad situations. Of course, never do something that is wrong or against your morals. But if it really doesn't matter, choose your fights and move on."

In math class, they were doing the new stupid math (common core or whatever they call it). He did not understand it. I am pretty good at math and didn't understand it. It was division. I showed him how to do long division. He understood. It provided the correct answers. And the teacher failed him on every question. I called the teacher (since I felt like a failure too) and explained that he did not understand it and no one at school would take the time to work with him. Given I had to do it and I did not know common core and didn't understand why it was so complicated and unintuative, I explained to him what I knew in a way that made sense and worked. In the end he had to learn it the teacher's way. I told him that in the real world, first of all you would be using spreadsheets, Quicken, and calculators. But I also ensured that he needs to know how to do it himself. That no matter what way he does it, as long as it makes sense to him and gets the correct results, it doesn't matter.

He was basically not good at math. I told him that as long as he could keep his checkbook balanced and provide his patients with the correct dosage of medicine, that is all he would need to know.

Finally, my Peloton class had rap music with inappropriate lyrics. It didn't bother me. I can get past this. But listening to some of the stuff, I want to know why it is okay for someone to say something inappropriate and it is okay. But if someone else says something similar, usually in the context of "what not to say", it can affect or ruin their career.

The logic and common sense in this world seems to be disappearing and I don't know why. While on vacation in Europe, it was interesting to hear other people talk about hangups and silliness that is occurring in the USA and how their country does not have to deal with it.

I will now step off my soap box for the evening.


Fixing typos on my Ghostbusters, STTNG, and Star Wars pages. Amazing that no matter how much I think I found all the typos, they keep popping up.

I am waiting for a CPU to come back to finish fixing a Jurassic Park in my house for a customer. Then I will start to work on my games.


Whenever I have to go to Maryland, I am very careful since every small town seems to use photo tickets to generate revenue. I would like to say they do it to save lives, but in my opinion, they do it to add revenue. I find myself looking at my speedometer more often to stay at the speed limit. It probably makes me a bit less safe since I am worried about my speed. I try to stay at the speed limit or a mile or two above. But I am not sure how much tolerance there is, so I am probably annoying all the local drivers that know how fast they can drive.

I worked on a Fire! today. The person told me the ball was not always going to the plunger lane. I had the coil, transistors, new board if needed, springs, etc. I did not think to bring the assembly that the plunger pivots on to actually push the ball to the plunger lane. The one on the game had the pivot rod was lose on the bracket. This was the problem. So I will have the persn buy the bracket and I will help them install it by using facetime when it comes in. It is just 4 bolts to remove the bracket for the coil. Then 3 bolts to remove the problem pivot assembly and put on the new one. Then reinstall the coil bracket. Then the plunger should work fine.

I'm working on improving the Houdini pinball. I bent the bottom left of the key lane left side guide to stop the ball from falling straight down the middle. This makes the games better and not lose balls on cheap drains. I adjusted the flipper coils to make them 1 less powerful. This allows the ball to go into the stage more often. I still have to adjust the flippers a bit lower, and fix the scoop pop out. I am having better games and enjoying it more now.

I ordered superbands for several of my games that I will replace as I add Cliffy protectors (on order). For X-men, I bought some mods I will add.


Wow. I haven't posted in a while. We had about 50 people from work over on Saturday for a pinball party. My 10 games played beautifully with no issues. Everyone had fun. I was impressed that balls did not get stuck.

As I mentioned below, I am concentrating on fixing games rather than restoring games and selling them. It is liberating. I have my life back. I have my evenings back. I now no longer fix pinballs on week days after work. I feel great and when I do fix pinballs I am not angry about it. I fix them on the weekends and schedule them around my life rather than the other way around.

I haven't posted much here since most of the repairs have already been documented. I still enjoy getting a pinball machine working and watching the owner excited that their game is working.

I drove to Charlottesville last weekend to fix and restore a Simpson's Pinball Party. The game was purchased new back in 2003 so it was still in great condition. It was a little dirty but we cleaned that with alcohol. Many of the GI lights were out since the game was always on. The display was not working. I provided the owner with a list of parts to buy before I came. This include a colorDMD (LED), Cointaker LED set, Cliffy protectors, decals, game blades, apron cards, and superbands. I inferred that the 100 volt power to the display was not working and a color DMD (which uses 5 volts) would work. Once we replaced this, the display worked. Once we loaded up the code, the owner was excited.

The main problem the customer stated was the ball would get stuck in the garage. This sounded like a mechanical issue. But before I worked on this, we checked all the coils (they worked) and the switches. The left sling was not working. A wire was disconnected. I soldered that back on.

Then we removed the top couch playfield area. It was obvious that the problem was the ramp protectors were too close to each other. I rolled up a ball and the ball would get stuck between the left and right sides. The customer stated that the game would stop, search, then kick out another ball. Once he shot the ball into the garage, it would dislodge the other ball and send the shot ball down the lower loop. He stated the game was like this since he bought this. This is not good QC from the factory (15 years ago). We dremeled the holes in the ramp. We screwed in the right ramp guide and it was now moved to the right. The left ramp guide was snuggly againt the left side. The holes did not align but it was solidly in place. In fact, in retrospect, when the left side was screwed in, it was bowed out which caused the ball to get stuck. Now the ball flowed freely.

We then spent the rest of the 10 hours I was there installing LEDs, superbands, Cliffy protectors and cleaning. Once done, it looked better than new and we added the game blades. The game popped. This is why I love restoring them, to see the person enjoying their game again. This was the first time this game was working like it was supposed to. The customer was ecstatic.

Now that the party is over, I will add some bling to my games. I need to add Cliffys to Houdini, X-men, and some other games in various places. I have a lot of stuff to add to X-men and superbands to add to Houdini, X-Men, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Star Trek LE and Star Trek Next Gen. I will work on these over the next few months just to bling out my games.

As you can see from my wish list above, I would really like a Dialed In! but decided to wait on it. I just can't justify the price right now. As I noted, I have an X-men. I owned one years ago and missed it. I had the opportunity to buy a similar one locally so I did so.

I have owned hundreds of games over the years and enjoyed every one of them. Some more than others. Some I sold and wanted back. Some I sold and didn't miss. Houdini is a beautiful machine. It has a lot of modes. But I am not "feeling" it. I want to. I am trying very hard. I did some tweaking on it a few weeks ago to get the pitch at the perfect angle and tweaked other settings and it is playing better. I will try some more to get shots to go they way they are intended so it plays better. I do not want t sell it. But I feel like I could have bought something else. I will work on it over the next few weekends to see if I can get it playing better. "Better" in my mind is getting the shots I think should be gotten when I hit the ball. Subjective of course. But if the ball is not going into the milkcan loop or through the left stage alley which is supposed to go directly into the stage, then the game is not at the right angle or something else is going on. I will work on this and report back.

As I stated below, I LOVE Star Wars Premium. The flow is wonderful. The sounds, voices, music, movie clips, etc are great. I am so glad I got this.

Ghostbusters is also great. I need to play it more but have been playing other games.

X-Men is also great fun. I need to spend a little time to actually learn the rules better. It was funny how Star Wars was just intuative. X-Men is not rocket science but just hasn't clicked in yet.

I haven't done much on learning Arduino since I have been busy at work and we have been renovating our house. We have lived here 20 years and it is time to fix up things for our enjoyment. This has caused us to sell, donate and get rid of a lot of junk... err treasures. Now that we are mostly done, I can get back to blinging out my pinballs for my enjoyment.

It is funny that pinball machine prices have skyrocketed lately and I am not selling any. Besides the fact I stated that I don't want to spend my time to restore, they are just too expensive to buy to resell. If I had all the games I ever sold and sold them now, I could probably retire. But reality is I don't have the space and I needed to buy and sell machines to be able to buy the next machine. Just like playing the lottery, if I would have known, I should have kept a few and made a killing on them.

Since prices are high, it is harder to buy them. So the games I have may be the ones I have for a few years. But I enjoy them so I am fine.

Maybe we should renovate the basement and make it look like a 1950s diner....


I posted pictures of my Ghostbusters Premium.


I posted photos of my Houdini. I also posted photos of my Star Wars Premium.


I have been so busy playing my new games, I forgot to mention that the Houdini came last Monday 4/16/2018. I will post pictures over the weekend and link to them here.


I put Junk Yard up for sale.

I have been enjoying and playing Star Wars Premium and Ghostbusters Premium. I have wated Ghostbusters since I first saw it. Star Wars grew in me.

I like games with subways. Star Wars doesn't have one. Ghostbusters has a small one.


I posted on Facebook to not forget to change your AA batteries on your pinballs if you haven't done so in the past 5 years.

If the weather cooperates here and in PA, I will get two new pinballs on Tuesday.

I changed all my locks on my pinballs to the same key. I have been thinking about doing this for years and finally did it.

I did a fix on an Addams Family yesterday. I thought it would be 2 hours or less. It was over 4 hours. The MPU had all the transistors below the batteries in sockets. The 4 trough switches, and two right in and out lane switches were not working. So I did the logical thing and replaced the ULN2803 and I only had two LM339 and determined where they would control these switches and replaced.

This fixed the two right in and out lanes but the trough switches did not work.

We quickly swapped out the MPU with one I brought and we had the same issue so the problem was continuity.

We previously ensured continuity to the connector. However, we ensured continuity to the outside of the connector where the wire attaches to the connector. We looked at the connector and pin 1 which controls column 1 was corroded. I rebuilt the .1" molex connector and all switches worked.

The main problem I came for was when two balls were locked in the swamp, the lower jet biumper would begin to pop. We tried to find a pattern. There really was none, but the best we could find was the 3rd switch would cause the bumper to pop until the ball was lost. Then this would repeat on the next ball until multiball was achieved.

We also found a problem with the lamp matrix causing multiple lights to light. For example, light 51 would also like 81 and 81 would also light 51.

He has a Rottendog driver board so I thought it would be okay. But after exhaustive testing, I put another driver board in and it cleared up all problems. I told him to send the Rottendog back to be repaired since it will cost less than buying a board from me. So we got the game 100% working including the magnets which never worked for as long as he owned the game!


I looked up my current collection of games (that I have, will get this week, and on order). My collection is ranked on pinside as:

#5 Stern Lord of the Rings
#11 Stern Star Trek LE
#12 Williams Star Trek Next Generation
#14 Stern Spiderman
#16 Bally Theatre of Magic
#25 Stern Star Wars Premium * not yet delivered
#28 Stern Ghostbusters Premium * not yet delivered
#30 Jersey Jack Hobbit LE
#33 American Pinball Houdini * not yet delivered
#107 Williams Junkyard


Wow. I haven't posted in a while. I have been busy at my full time job does doing occasional fixes on the weekends. I have been helping a lot of people over the phone for free. Not a good business model but a good customer relations model. I have been offered EM games to purchase which I do not like and usually give first dibs to a friend that has picked up a few over the years. I have been offered older solid state games and do not really care for these so have been passing on to friends as well. (If you have a game you want, tell me and I'll keep an eye out for it.)

I have been patiently waiting for Houdini.

I got the hotel reservations to go to the Allentown PInfestival in May.

I am also almost finished the the LOTR for a customer. Waiting for a power splicer and left blade then done. I also added the super bands on my LOTR. It looks great. I have no more repairs in my house so I just played some of my pinballs.


Junk Yard is complete.

I'm working on a restoration of a LOTR for a customer so it will look as nice as mine.

I am waiting on Houdini.

I am teaching myself Arduino coding to so can eventually learn the Pinduino sub routines to try adding lights to games. It is fun to be programming again.

I didn't take the voluntary exit program at my job. I love my job (and my paycheck) too much to leave it and I am doing very well at work right now.

Although I really tried, I did not win either of the large lotteries. So my dreams of a mega pinball warehouse, pizza shop, brewery/barcade, showroom, and drive inside work shop are dashed yet again.


Junk Yard mostly complete. Since my rant below, I bought a new translite ($130). If I am going to sell this, it is important that all parts are perfect. I also needed a new spinner and dome lights ($50). The headlight cleaner for the plastic ramps was $15. Now I have about $1,000 in new parts added to the game.

I still need to add the blades and the mod that is being painted (more $$$). Then I will be done and take my glamour shots.


I picked up a somewhat clean/dirty Junk Yard. (I'll post pictures soon.) I thought about flipping it . A few people were interested but no takers. I kind of like the game so thought maybe I would restore for me and maybe sell in the future. When I got the game, immediately I added $135 of parts to it. It was missing the back glass glass (customer broke it a few years ago when working on the back box). It was missing the back box lock mechanism. I added the Pincab protectors on the legs. I added the trough jam plastic which every Williams/Bally game should have. When I had the glass off the back-box, I decided to put LEDs into the back-box. It is easier to do it with the glass off than to try to pull through each light and break the brittle plastic. I also added two wing bolts to secure the back box to the cabinet better than just the clasp in the back.

So if I were to have sold the game "as is" it would have been "as is." Upon taking further questions and photos for people, I have discovered other problems. But "as is" machines should be expected to have some issues to fix up. Otherwise (like I am about to state below) it would have more time and parts and work performed and cost more.

When simply changing bad lights to ensure they all work, I realized that the high power was not turned off when the coin door was open. This really bothered me. I have messed up games that had high power on based on stupid things I have done (see my write up of how I screwed up a customer's TZ that I had to come back and fix). I think it is important that the high power is off when the coin door is open. I did a search on pinside and a posting showed a connector that connects to one of the existing connectors that passes through all wires directly except the ones that go to the coin door. For this game, this was not plugged in. I did notice that it was just sitting there and did not know why. Now I do.

Before I did the above steps, I also was getting the message that the coin door was open when it was closed after I had the door opened then closed, which was also bothering me. I would turn off the game with the door closed and when I turned it on it would work. This had to be fixed.

I plugged in this connection. With the door open, the high power is off. This is great. However, now with the door closed, high power is also off. Not good. I quickly realized that the door was missing the Interlock bracket. This is the piece of metal connected to the door that pushes both coin door switches in when the door is closed. I ordered this for $10 and it should come today. This should solve all of the above problems. It is amazing the door was missing this bracket all along.

This game was purchased from Coin Op Warehouse back in 1998 or 1999. This was the time frame where if the game turned on, they cleaned visible portions and sold it as working. I just took apart the game (and will post pictures later). It is one of the dirtiest games I have ever seen. It was clean in the visible areas but absolutely black every place else.

So I just ordered $200 in parts from Marco including the interlock bracket, super bands for all the rubbers (expensive but looks great), and a few other things behind the scenes for this game. I bought a new plastic set and decals for the spinner and 6 wrecking ball targets from Bay area Amusements ($200). Three plastics were broken and the set was available so I bought it. I bought Cliffy protectors ($65). I bought a manual ($25). I bought some cool blades from Tilt Graphics ($75). Finally, I realized that the plastic above the car switches is broken. There is a mod on pinside to get a 3D printed replacement that I'll have to paint for $70. I will try this. I also bought the Pinbits plastic protects for about $20.

So now I have added about $655 to the $135 I originally put into the game. ($790). Now when I sell this game, it will be almost $5,500 to try to cover my time (which usually comes out to less than $10 an hour). But since I am doing this for me, the hourly wage will not matter. But sadly it is not appreciated by some people that buy pinballs restored which is why I do not have any pinballs for sale.

This evening I have been adding LEDs and see that a few lights are coming on. I need to trace down the lamp matrix issue now. I found it!

Here is what I found:

11 also lit 61, 17

12 also lit 62, 17

13 also lit 63, 17

14 also lit 64, 17

15 also lit 65, 17

16 also lit 66, 17

17 lit nothing else

18 also lit 68, 17

21 also lit 61, 27

22 also lit 62, 27

23 also lit 63, 27

24 also lit 64, 27

25 also lit 65, 27

26 also lit 66, 27

27 lit nothing else

28 also lit 68, 27

So I looked at lamp 67. This is the Angel sling on the left. The two prongs are touching and the diode wire was touching the switch rivet. I moved the prongs and added electrical tape and all the lamps worked correctly.


Theatre of Magic mostly complete. I hope to buy a apron magnet cover and trunk blades this weekend in York. I will re-brass the wire ramps when the person has the replacements.


More photos added to Theatre of Magic.


I posted a Preliminary list of items for sale at the York show. I will be in the indoor flea market area.


This the the KAHR.US WPC Power Fix Daughter board that I add to every Bally/Williams game that I work on. I highly recommend them.

I have been adding the daughter boards to all my Bally/Williams games for a few years now. If your 5 volt circuit drops occasionally, this board ensures the game does not reset. (If your 5 volts drops all the time like when pressing both flippers it usually signals a problem on the driver board.) This game would reset when the ball hit the switch for either ramp. Rob, the designer of the board, told me my 18 volts was having the issue. In test mode, the game reset when all lights were turned on. I replaced the driver board and the game consistently provides 18 volts. Very nice to have the board to isolate a problem I didn't even know I have. 

Below you can see the board. It goes into J210 on the MPU then the Connector goes into the board.


I picked up a Theatre of Magic today. I got it working. Now to make it beautiful.


I dropped of my 1979 Bally Star Trek at Coin Op Warehouse in Hagerstown yesterday. With 50,000 followers on his web site, he can sell anything. I wanted to sell it to free up space for games I actually want for myself. I told him what I wanted, which was basically to get all my costs back for restoring the game, adding LEDs, new displays, and 3 new boards. He added several hundred and sold it within a day. This is great for him. With just a few pictures I provided to him, he sold the game with no investment of time or money except for the time to post my game.

I spent tonight inventorying the items I will take with me to the show. This way I can mark items (like plastic sets or decals set) as complete or list what they are missing. Also I can note if new unused or complete but used. I knew I had some stuff I wanted to keep. I found a few things. I was able to create a full set of Ripley's Believe it or not decals and kept them since I want the game again in the future. I found a Theatre of Magic Operator's handbook that I also kept and some other items. I am looking forward to purchasing a Theatre of Magic to restore for myself next weekend. This should complement the Houdini I should get later in the year.

Someone is supposed to come to pick up a NOS Contact black glass. It is beautiful and looks and is new. They said they may come and in true fashion they have not responded to my request of possibly when. Typical. I will assume they are not coming. It would be nice so I have one less thing to bring to York. We will see. Someone local may be interested in my almost complete NOS Gilligan's Island plastic set. Just need to synchronize when I can meet up with the person.

I have been reading up and looking at parts and mods for the Theatre of Magic I am getting. I want this to come out as nice as the Spider-Man did.


Been thinking back on the prices I paid for games over the years. For "A" level games, I was paying in the mid $1,000s to $2,000s from 1999-2007 or so. Then the games were in the mid $2,000s to $3,000s. Within the last few years, they are now in the mid $3,000s to $5,000s. These are UNRESTORED games. People look at the value of the games as listed on eBay and such, and retail and think their game is valued at the high end. I explain to people that if I buy a game and restore it, I sometimes add $2,000 in mods and parts (used to be less than $1,000, then in the mid $1,000s, and now up to $2,000). So when you add in the cost to buy the game and the parts to make it worth near the high end (not including my time), I can no longer afford (or care to) buy games with the sole intent to restore and sell.

I should soon have the two games sold that I really liked but wanted to move out so I can get some different games. This will be the first time since 2004 that I had no pinballs for sale at all. I will also take several of my slot machines to the York Show in September to try to sell to free up room for more personal pinballs.

I guess I should change the first page to highlight that main part of this business is fixing pinball machines.


I have been cleaning up my basement over the past few weeks. Partly to prepare for the York Show in September, party to clean up almost 20 years of junk and treasures (mostly junk). I will have a lot to sell at the indoor flea market area of the York Show in September. So come by and say hi.

While at the Allentown show at the fairgrounds back in May, it brought back two memories. The first was our family's first trip to Allentown back in the middle 1970s. We saw the Osmonds at the Allentown Fair at the fairgrounds. I am sure we did other things as well, but this is the standout event. I even mentioned that to my sister and she fondly remembered this trip and concert. She also remembered I bought her the latest album from the Osmonds at the time.

(I did a little bit of research and see that the Osmonds performed in Allowntown on Monday, April 9, 1975, Wednesday July 9, 1975, and August 8 and 9, 1975 at the Allentown Fair. So we were at the concert either August 8th or 9th, 1975.)

The second memory was the collectibles shows we did from 1989-1999 including many at hotels in Allentown. In 1988-1989, I wrote a computer program to keep track of collectibles. It was called "Collectibles Database." My company was MSdataBase Solutions. (This was a play on "dBase" with the lower case "d" and "Base" as well as MSB either standing for "Michael Suzanne Belofsky" or my full name.) At the time it was written in Clipper using dBase IV. It allowed people to create lists of their collectibles and print out inventory for insurance, wanted lists, for sale lists, etc. I started to license price guides in computer format and added value by allowing collectors to move items from the price guide to their collection and automatically update prices twice a year. In 1994 I took the program to Windows using Visual Basic. I started to license photos from the figurine companies as well. Someday I can write so much on this topic. But the summary was I was working full time and the business was taking more time but not earning enough money to quit my full time job.

In 1999, I created an Oracle database on my hosting site (first use of a "Cloud") and created software that would allow people to log in, only see their collections and price guides. I would never have to send out another update on CD or floppy. The second a price guide was updated it would be available to subscribers. It was a great idea and worked perfectly. The only problem was that the world was not ready for it. The Internet didn't really catch on until the early to mid 2000s.

Suzanne and I sold the company in 1999 when I realized it was killing us. The company that bought us was the Longerberger price guide we were licensing. I just looked at the web site again (probably first time in 10 years or so). It is much of what I envisioned back in 1999 but the speed and adoption of the Internet was not there yet. So sad. I was ahead of my time and a dollar short... typical.

The saddest part of this (and it is totally due to my lack of business knowledge) is that we needed to sell the business. The company that bought us offered us a price. We accepted the price and then they came back and said that they would pay it to us over 3 years. My lack of business knowledge and experience (and really wanting to sell the business) did not lead me to think they should pay me the price plus interest for 3 years. Instead, they discounted the price and the 3 years of interest were built into the price. What fries me to this day (and I need to get over it) was that I was working with a "Christian" company and expected to be treated fairly and not taken advantage of. I guess the owner had no responsibility to tell me I am being stupid and allowing this to occur. But I expected more. (The funny thing is when I have told this story in the past to friends, they stated I was silly to think that "Christian" meant ethical, honest, or fair....)

I think these types of experiences of being taken advantage of have helped me to be a better manager, director, and leader at work. I have also come to the realization that in order to be very successful at business, you have to take advantage of people. I cannot do this and will continue to earn a small side living on the pinball business.

Today is my 16th anniversary of being a full time employee at Fannie Mae. Looking forward to another 16!

I try not to say much about the news or politics. But have you seen the tragic car accident incident with Venus Williams? I am sorry for the man that was killed in the car accident. But unless I am watching the video and reading everything wrong, Venus is not at fault. If anyone is at fault, it is the driver of the car that drives very fast into the intersection. All I can infer is that she was distracted and did not see that a car was clearly still in the intersection Although the light may have been green for the other car, common sense would imply that the car currently in the intersection has the right of way and the other car should have stopped. End of story. There is no wrongful death lawsuit to be filed by the family. It is a tragic accident caused by the deceased person's wife. The ambulance chasing lawyer should know better. If a pedestrian were still in the intersection walking slowly and that pedestrian was hit, the driver of the car would be at fault for not yielding to a pedestrian crossing the street. So why is this lawsuit allowed to move forward in our very stupid court system?


A Sega Harley Davidson was brought to my house last Saturday to restore. It is not a detailed restoration. Just enough to get it nice and LED'ed. New rubbers, remote battery, fixed plastic, Cliffy protector. It will be finished this Saturday when he comes back to help finish it. I have not documented the page yet so it just has placeholder text at the moment.


My third tool box broke at a customer's home on Sunday. I was handing it to him to help and when he took it the handle broke and it fell down the stairs. Bang, bang, bang. Luckily it did not hurt his walls or floor. It did open up the top area with screws and such. Some of the light bulbs broke so we had to vacuum up the floor. I purchased my 4th tool box today. It is a Husky with the fabric case rather than plastic. We'll see how this does. I guess three lasting 13 years is not bad.

I got to see and fix an original Medieval Madness and a Twilight Zone. The TZ had the reset issue when both flippers were pressed. The MM has a few switch adjustments. I changed the batteries on both games and told him to set his calendar to change the batteries in 3 years. I'm restoring a customer's Sega Harley Davidson in my house. He will come back next Saturday to put some sweat equity into it and learn to fix some stuff. He looks like someone that can work on these in the future. I'll post pictures soon.


Spider-Man is complete. Please take a look.


The parts came in for Spider-Man but I screwed up. I "assumed" we were working off the rubber list on p. 58 of the manual. I asked for 4 blue 7/16" and 14 red 7/16". I received 7/16" ID (inner diameter) when I needed the small post rubbers that go on a post that are 7/16" OD (outer diameter). I had to reorder parts. My game is sitting in pieces on the floor until the parts arrive.

Once I get Spider-Man done, I will enjoy it. Then I will really work on cleaning up the basement finding items to sell at the York show in September. I will also get the Bally Star Trek that I mentioned below to fix and also a Stern Harley Davidson to fix.

I also have to add blades to Hobbit LE, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek LE, and Star Trek Next Generation.


The final parts for Spider-Man should come in tomorrow or Friday. I ordered red and blue polyurethane rubbers and a new magnet core. The Cliffy protectors also came in.

I worked on a Bally Star Trek on Friday night. It should have been a quick fix to replace the MPU. But it only flashed 5 times with the old board and same with the new board. After tracing down the issue, which is that 43 volts is not getting to the pin on J4 connector, I verified that the power rectifier board, the driver board and the MPU were getting 43 volts. I tested a new driver board and put in another MPU just in case. The wires to the power rectifier board are burnt in some areas and soldered directly to the board. The next step is to get the game at the house and rebuilt the power rectifier board and connectors. Since I also have a Bally Star Trek, I can ensure that the wires are in the correct location on the connectors. If this does not work, I am baffled. I hope to solve this problem, but this makes going to people's houses frustrating.

On Monday evening I worked on a Black Knight 2000. It had an "Adjust Failure." I expected to possibly have to change out the board. But I looked at it and the corrosion was limited to the battery holder. I replaced the battery holder and the game worked great. I was hoping this would be a fast fix. The right flipper was not working. It was fried and the plunger was stuck in. I replaced the FL11630 flipper. There was a wire going between the power on the left flipper to the right flipper. Not a good thing to do. I removed that. Then the left and right flipper did not work. I replaced the left flipper as well since it was not correct. Then I realized that the EOS switch was corroded and the wire was moving power to the left flipper (rather than to the right flipper as I originally thought). After I filed the EOS switch, the left flipper worked better than ever.

But the right flipper still did not work. I was hoping that it was the F5 (3amp slow blow) fuse. It was not. I was hoping that a TIP36 transistor controlled the flipper. But based on the schematics and on line information, it looks like the flipper is not controlled by the MPU so no transistor. I traced the connectivity from the flipper switch to the interconnect board and out from the interconnect board to the power board. All good. I shorted the center lug of both flipper coils to ground and they worked. I assume the issue is the interconnect board. I labeled all the connectors and replaced the fried connector for lights in the back box. The owner is comfortable replacing the board. This should solve the problem. The new interconnect board did solve the problem. The F5 fuse blew. We replaced and it works fine. (The fuse was just old and fatigued.)

I'll report back final status on the Star Trek once I work on them.


I went to Pinfest in Allentown last week. I drove up after work on Friday. I dropped off my stuff at the hotel and there was a White Castle across the freeway. I went. I was trying to relive the 1970s when we used to go to Americana lanes bowling alley of Cross Bay Blvd and the White Castle was down the street. It tasted better in the 1970s.

A posted some items I had for sale and I had a few people ask me to bring the items. I did. As usual, no good deed goes unpunished (although annoying and not terrible). No one showed up to get the items I brought. One person (who asked for 2 items for 2 different games) did email me Friday night telling me that he sold the game and no longer needed the items. I just think this is funny because I personally would not be buying stuff for a game that I was planning to sell unless a person just happened to walk by the house and knock on the door and offered cash. Plus they sold one machine, not both. No matter. Just interesting observations.

I fell in love with American Pinball's Houdini. I spent a lot of time at the booth watching people play and speaking with Josh Kugler (thank you for letting me ask all the questions) and Joe Balcer. I did place a deposit on the game. I like that it is well made, well coded, only one version of the game, it has a subway, and is fun to play.

I was thinking of getting some blades for a few games. I stopped by the Pingraffix booth. I started talking to the person "Cory" and he said. "Oh my gosh. What is your name?" I told him. He said "Do you know who I am?" I said the only Cory know was my next door neighbor growing up in NYC and said his last name. He said, "That is me. You look just like you dad." Wow. His mom even told him when he started helping his friend Joe in this business that I was into pinballs. I did not know that he was doing this. The owner, Joe, knew my sister growing up and knew my brother and me. Small world. I bought 5 blades. A mirrored one for Spider-Man, a lit one for Lord of the Rings, a plain one for Star Trek Next Generation, the same one as for the previous game but with the cutout for the lights for Star Trek LE, and finally a plain one for Hobbit LE. They also introduced a beautiful set of blades, back box artwork and translite for Attack from Mars that was lit.

I bought a bunch of LEDs from CoinTaker, the blades as I mentioned above, some parts from Marco Specialties, a Gottlieb System 1 power supply for a friend to fix his Buck Rogers, a radio for another friend, a Hobbit manual, and the deposit on the Houdini pinball. I think I spent enough. I also met several friends. I enjoyed going to the show.

I did just order a red set of red polyurethane rubbers for the Spider-Man. I also just had all the Cliffy protectors sent for this game as well. So I plan to spend a few weekends pimping out this game and adding photos.

I'll have to start fixing pinballs to cover the cost of the Houdini. :)

I went to the York show a few times in a row to sell stuff at the flea market. Thank goodness, I have an indoor space for this year's show. I always hope to sell out of everything and usually only sell 30% and make 10% of what I was hoping for. I will bring whatever pinball I have for sale and my slot machines since I want to free up space for more pinballs. I'm thinking of making a sign "Oh yeah. This is the York show. How much should I pay you to take my stuff?"


I continue to clean up the basement. I will go to the Allentown show, but will not sell anything except for the few items I pre-sold. I am preparing for York as I said below. I am cleaning up to organize better. Hopefully I can eventually move my pinballs to the back area. I am also making more key holders. I bought clear plastic holders and place two business cards in. I bought the business cards from Vista Print. When I make the next set of business cards my tag line will change from "Buy, sell, repair pinballs, slots, & video games." to "Buy, sell, repair Pinballs and Antique slot machines."


I did some maintenance on my Escalera and posted it here. My Escalera is a motorized dolly that climbs stairs that allows me to move pinballs mostly by myself. I ordered new wheels, gliders and pins. I will post the changes to the above site once i get them.

I received the Back Alley Creations mods for my Spider-Man (Houses and train). I'll post photos once I receive the Cliffy protectors to do the entire work on the play field. I am very happy to get this game back to enjoy it.

I was enjoying my Star Trek Next Generation last night. I had to do another adjustment. I actually replaced the left flipper plunger assembly so it had the new version. I also added springs that did not go on the plunger to provide more range of motion. I think I am finally happy with the flippers.

I plan to attend Pinfest in Allentown on Saturday, May 6. I posted some items for sale that can be picked up at the show if anyone needs anything. Here are my ads. (I'm not sure the link will work. If not search for me, mbelofsky, then you can see my ads.)

I rented out an indoor flea market space in York September 28-30. I can schedule to be of work a few days then. I cannot get off work right now. I am working on finding all the stuff to bring as well as some slot machines and a pinball, if it doesn't sell by then.


I continued to work on Spider-Man last night and this morning. The decal is nicely on the speaker/DMD panel with the color display. I also replaced the plunger with a Spider-Man head plunger.


I picked up a HUO Spider-Man. I sold mine a few years ago and missed it. I am glad I got one back. I will post the initial photos later tonight. But since it is HUO with few plays, it is in really nice condition. Tonight I will add a decal on the speaker/DMD panel then change out the DMD with a colorDMD. I am waiting for Cliffy protectors. I will take apart the game and change out some of the black posts with Cliffy colored posts and also redo the rubbers and clean.

I will try to post some of the extra stuff I have for sale on pinside. I have extra legs, a Contact NOS back glass, some translites and other items.

My goal is to sell out some of the slot machines and fix up the back corner of my basement to separate my pinballs from the ones for sale or that I am fixing.


Suzanne's mom passed away on Sunday 2/19/2017. Suzanne has been home with her mom since the beginning of the year almost every day. She came home on Monday, 2/13, to come home a few days when her mom was in hospice. We received the call on Sunday at 4pm. She flew back on Tuesday, 2/21. I flew in on Saturday 2/25. We stayed until 3/8/2017 to take care of everything. Suzanne did most of the leg work. If there is one piece of advice I can give you, it is to have a trust and ensure all money is in a bank account of the trust. We made 15 copies of the death certificate (which seems to be standard). I realize people need to make money. But there is someone sucking money out of you at every turn when you are dealing with a death in the family. Even with the "pre-paid funeral arrangements," it cost over $4,000. You would think this is not the first funeral the place did and would know all of the expenses associated with a funeral to get them covered. I realize there can be some expenses that are not known until the time of the death. But all of these expenses were known and could have been added in. It is so frustrating. Then we needed to talk to a lawyer (sorry lawyers, I don't like lawyers. I think they are out to charge you every millisecond they can). Luckily we did not need to go to probate, just file the will. The expenses go on and on.

I came back Wednesday evening. I did work most of the time there for my full time job due to the time difference. I fixed a pinball after work on Thursday. Then fixed another two after work on Friday. I fixed a pinball Saturday morning then again in the afternoon. Someone brought a pinball to my house to fix. I then rushed out and I bought a Last Action Hero on Sunday. Then looked at a Star Trek Data East that I did not want but helped him fix it. Luckily near the house so I didn't charge and didn't spend too much time.

I spend an hour or so last night on the Last Action Hero and another hour tonight. I still got to get the sound working but getting closer.


I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday and want to clarify. I want to get to the point that I have all the boards for the Gottlieb System 1 (and System 3 and System 80, etc), But this is a large outlay of money and I don't get many requests for these games. I have an extensive collection of boards for Bally 1977-1985, Bally/Williams WPC 1990 - 2000, Williams System 3 - 11C (except no MPU for System 11), and newer Stern. The real issue with this Cleopatra is the potential costs of the boards and the owner thinking that the total cost of boards and labor should be less, which means I should be lowering my rates (which I already did). [She owns a business... maybe I should ask for services and ask for a discounted rate.] By her putting forth the initiative and money to buy the boards, she has an investment in the repair. Now I can come for an hour or two and get the game working and my fee is separate than the costs of the parts.

A few days ago someone texted me through Yelp. I responded within two minutes. It is a Monday Night Football. I thought it was corrosion. But I think it just needs new batteries. I spoke to the person today and did Face-time. The audits and adjustments had garbage in the values. I told him to go through each setting and put a valid value in. We reset it to free play but it still comes up with credits. So hopefully after he resets all the values, the game will work. The right drop targets were not resetting. We lifted the game and the coil was dangling. The bracket came off. Luckily he has a right side drop target bank as a model. He has to find the bracket and screws and it would work. So I talked myself out of a service call.... again. Maybe he'll give me a good rating on Yelp.


Update on the video game at the dentist office I wrote about below. I decided to call my friend that does a much better job at video games than I do. I gave him the new board and he did the repair for the dentist. This was great since I am really busy at work and really didn't have the time for this repair. Plus I had the feeling that I would electrocute myself.

Did I ever say "no good deed goes unpunished?" I guess I just don't learn. I was asked to help put the head back on a Cleopatra solid state game and reconnect it since it was "working" before. I told the person I would do the work for a slightly discounted rate since it should not have taken longer than 30 minutes.

Guess what? The game did not work. The batteries were dead. (Which I guess is not surprising on a 40 year old game.) So I added 3 AA batteries with diode. The reset button did not work. I could not fix the game. I was there for two hours.

I came home and emailed a list to the owner that owner should buy, including the replacement MPU, driver board, power board, and the cable between the CPU and driver. I told her once she had the boards I would come back and install them all and the game would work. It also needs an A-5194 coil (which I did not have) and the green drop target was broken. I explained to the person that I am pretty sure the MPU is bad and needs to be fixed. But it is easier to buy a new one. Since I am being nickel'ed and dime'd on my fee, I want to ensure when I come back I can make it work. The only way is to replace all three boards. Do they need to be? Maybe. But since I don't have spare boards for this set of games since I don't fix that often, I am putting the burden on the owner to buy all the boards so I can fix it once and for all. Otherwise, I would go there and replace the CPU and something else would show up. Then we would to have them get the next board and come back, etc. This would make me lose so much time and money that it would not be worth my time. So for these types of games, I can have the owner ensure all parts are available or not even bother to fix them.

I also looked at a Buckley Slots (Mills Conversion). I determined that the game needed a section of the game cleaned. (It probably needs a lot more cleaned, but would want to ensure the component works before we do the whole thing.) So it should take an hour or so for the owner to clean the area. Two cotter pins and a spring need to be removed. I could have taken it home and cleaned it. But what if this didn't work and I have to go to the next area to clean? Then that doesn't solve the issue and go to the next area? Then I have 10-15 hours into the game and can only charge $300 or so.

I had the opportunity to visit the Spider Man 2008 I sold a few years ago. It needed some cleaning and adjusting. It was nice to see it again and reminded me that I actually do want one again.

I had the opportunity to buy a Dirty Harry last week. The game would be okay but not on the list above of what I want. So if I can't get it low enough to flip, it is not worth getting to restore. I have learned my lesson on restoring games. I don't make money and I am no longer willing to work for $5 an hour to do a restoration for someone else. I will do a restoration for myself for this amount and if I decide to sell in the future then at least I enjoyed the game for a while. Life is too short to waste my free time doing a restoration for someone else at poverty rates.


I showed my collection and the two games I had for sale to someone today. it was more of a teaching moment for him to learn and see flow vs stop and go. I enjoyed talking about the games knowing that nothing would be sold. I could probably sell my personal collection 10 times over as long as I wish to sell it for less than I paid before I do all my modifications.

I regretfully sold a brand new video game to a dentist's office back in 2012. I do not like video games but I sold it to them because they asked. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. I assumed this game will work for a long long time. The video goes out. And oh, it is a CRT display right before they went to LCD screens. The cabinet is 3/4" too small to fit an LCD screen. So I had to go to the dentist office (without charging) to determine the issue. Luckily the production support person from the company was on the phone with me to isolate the problem to the video board and the little board stuck to the end of the CRT. I hate video games. (Did I say this yet?) I hate having to discharge the electricity in the CRT before it is safe to handle. I have to pry off the small board without breaking the CRT. Hopefully when I get the boards, I will be able to call the support guy and replace the boards and hopefully it will work. Did I say I hate video games?


I have been so busy on a new project at work that I finally have a few minutes to write. I am co-leading a project that will be code complete on 3/31. End to end integration testing done by 5/4 and in production 5/13. Hopefully we will be able to keep to this schedule. 48 applications are affected; 26 will need code changes; 22 will require testing only. It is amazing. In the 15 years I have worked for my company how we have gone from working on complete applications that may be linked with a few other applications but they were contained. Now, when we want to perform any modification, we have to do extensive analysis to see what is affected across the company. Then we have to orchestrate all of the application changes to go in at the same time. There has to be a better way. Other companies are doing it, hopefully mine will get there too.

Oh, if you didn't notice, I created a What's New page for my notes from 2014 - 2016. Now was a good time to create a new What's New page starting with 2017. I think there is a book or two in here if I had the time to organize and expand upon some items. Hopefully the combination of this page and my repair chronicles pages provide a really good list of problems and solutions. And my archives page showing detailed photos of my restorations should be useful as well.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... at work. We are about to provide reviews, work on compensation, and then provide the comp statements. After 15 years I can truthfully state that compensation is a popularity contest. Ask HR and they are clueless. Tell HR and they will deny it and more importantly look down upon you. Do they really not know or are they living an illusion?

There is no consistency between teams. My worst performers could be better than the best performers in other teams. We do calibration within the group. We spend hours discussing person A vs person B to place them in the correct compensation bucket. As I stated, the popularity contest, or the person that is most vocal and condescending to others, usually wins out.

It is very frustrating when you are asked to build the best team you can and then you do. Then when it comes time for compensation you have to place them in a bell curve. Why should we have to? If we have the best people and they are all great, then why can't we recognize this?

My favorite comment, that has mostly been used against me (and I will NEVER do this to anyone), is "You did a great job last year which is exactly what I expect from you. You met my expectations." In a world where ratings that are "Exceeds Expectations," "Meets Expectations," and "Does Not Meet Expectations," this solidly states that no matter how great the work I do, I am expected to do great things and therefore I meet the expectations of my manager. Isn't this special?

Or better yet, "You moved into this team in the middle of the year, so you really can't get a high rating since you were only in this team for X months." Huh? You ASKED me to join the team. I was doing great work in my old team, which does not seem to count for anything. If I worked for a different company for 1/2 the year, I can understand this statement. But I have worked for the same company the whole year.

The variation on this statement is "You moved into this team in the middle of the year, so you really can't expect a high rating (or $$ that goes with it) since you were promoted to come over here." This makes sense. IF you are promoted, you normally would get a raise and then if you do your job you should be meets for the first year or year and half. However, the last few times, I moved, it was a lateral. No promotion. No raise. When you confront your manager on this itty bitty fact, then they say, "Well it is too late since comp is already recorded."

Here is another comment, "You did a great job last year but I need to give you a 'Meets expectataions' so that I can use the higher ratings on others to justify higher merit or bonus payments."

Here is one of my all time HR favorites (and every comment I have posted has been used on me). I moved from a group that did not do variable comp to one that did. At the last moment when I was ASKED to move, they said "Oh, your salary will go down by X%. Your bonus (Z%) will go down by 50%.[Lets use 10% and 5% as an example.] But you get this variable bonus of Y% (that is based on factors that are outside my control .)" I said then my bonus should be my higher salary for 3/4 of the year (since I started Oct 1) multiplied by 10% + my lower salary for 1/4 of the year multiplied by 5%." HR said "No. You get your new salary multiplied by your new bonus." So my bonus was based on my lower salary multiplied by the lower percentage.

Later I moved to another team and thankfully out of the variable comp group. My salary went back up as did my bonus. I said to HR "I should get my new salary multiplied by my new bonus." HR said "Why would you think that? You have not been in the position for the full year so you cannot expect this." Does anyone but me see the contradiction in this statement? When I confronted HR and the contradicting statements, they said "That is another HR team." No! We are one company (just ask the company they will tell you we are one).

I can go on but I won't. I may even remove this so if you get to see it, you are special.

I have always given 110-150% effort at work. Always have. Always will. I just am smart enough now to know that it will not convert into a better rating, more pay, or promotion opportunities. It simply allows me to do really good work at work.

In my younger days, I was delusional. I thought extra work, better work, etc would provide the raises, bonuses and promotions for me. I realize now that it provides the raises, bonuses and promotions for my management team since they look so great. In hindsight, while my son was younger, I wish I spent more time at home rather than at work trying to do things that do not equate to better things at work. I could have been a better father and better husband. I could have gone to one more soccer game or one more school event. In hindsight, I look at the way it was inferred that if you do great work there is a one to one correlation and I compare that to the lottery commercials. After watching a lottery commercial with all the happy, smiling faces, it just infers that if I go out and buy one, I will win and be rich!

I used to work an extra 1000 hours or so. When I did get rewarded for exceeding expectations, my reward equated to less than a dollar an hour for the extra hours I put in. It has only taken most of my life, but I think it has finally sunk in. I will do great work. I will work late when needed and weekends when needed. (I am doing that now on this project.) But I will not delude myself into thinking it will amount to anything but the opportunity to continue working.

It has taken almost as long to recognize that restoring a pinball is a labor of love but you do not get paid for the hours. As you can see by the lack of items I have for sale, I have decided not to sell many pinballs and slots. I have a few left to get rid of, but I will not be getting any more to resell.

I also realize that doing a pinball repair provides a 1:1 correlation of time to money. If I put in an extra hour at work, I have lost that extra hour forever. If I fix a pinball machine, I get paid for every hour I work. Also, having this hobby keeps me sane and is a great diversion from work. I believe because of this hobby, I do better work at work and better repairs for the pinball business.

I actually did an informal calculation of what my "potential" could be if I got the highest rating. Since this is mostly subjective and done by popularity contest, there is no guarantee that any amount of extra effort will result in a higher rating. I also figured that if I did about 50 repairs a year, I could make up the difference (obviously simplifying the assumptions.)


2014-2016 What's New

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Virginia Sales Tax

Virginia sales tax is currently 6.0%. Sales tax for in-state orders applies to machines and parts. It does not apply to the delivery or repair services.


As of August 1, 2014, we will no longer provide a warranty with our pinballs unless you purchase a separate warranty from us. A 1 year warranty is $500 or pay as you go if you even need it. If you buy it directly from us and take it home yourself, you will be inspecting it to ensure it works. If we deliver, we will ensure that it works 100% when delivered.

Reasons You Should Let Us Deliver Your Pinball (or Another Machine)

  1. We will NOT provide a warranty for the machine since we cannot be assured that a problem did not happen when you transported the machine. (As of August 1, 2014, we will no longer provide a warranty with our pinballs unless you purchase a separate warranty from us. A 1 year warranty is $500 or pay as you go if you even need it. If you buy it directly from us and take it home yourself, you will be inspecting it to ensure it works. If we deliver, we will ensure that it works 100% when delivered.)
  2. We take responsibility for any damage that may occur during the delivery process.
  3. We professionally set up the machine, connect all the connectors, attach the legs, head, etc. and ensure that the pinball works properly. If anything is out of adjustment due to moving the machine, we can fix it in a few minutes as compared to having to come to your house later and charging you a trip fee and repair charge.
  4. If anything major is out of adjustment, we can order parts and repair. This hardly ever happens but it could and you and the machine are protected.

Delivery Options

We are currently set up for local delivery only within the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and North-Eastern West Virginia area. If you are interested in shipping the pinball machine, we will contact a shipper. You will pay all crating and postage costs.

If you would like us to deliver and set up within 50 miles of Purcellville, the charge is $300; within 100 miles $475. The delivery charge includes delivery to a first floor or basement level if walk-out.

We will not sell you a game/deliver the game if the only entrance to your basement is an inside the house staircase. They are too narrow. Plus we have to ensure we don't mess up carpet or wood. It just isn't worth it.

You may also come and pick up the machine from our location.