When I sell a machine or talk with someone, I always provide a list of useful links. There are many places to buy parts. The standard parts I usually buy from Steve at Pinball Resource. However, game-specific parts are usually found at other sites. I will always check out all the sites when I am buying and find the best overall price for the order I need. Part prices can vary significantly. Here they are so I don't need to repeat them:

Parts - The best place to get almost any part you need at fair prices. - The best place to buy bulk lights, cabinet parts, etc. - A great site to buy game-specific parts and parts in general. - A great place to buy game-specific parts and parts in general. - A great place to buy electronic parts for your boards. - ColorDMD for great looking LCD and LED color displays for regular sized DMDs and some larger sized DMDs from Sega. - A great place for Rottendog boards, other boards, and parts. - Great Replacement MPU for Bally 1977 - 1985 pinball machines (as well as some Stern machines). They now have a replacement driver board for this line of pinball machines. - Great protectors for holes. Cover the wear around a hole or stop wear from occurring. - Great clear plastics and plastic protectors. They also have custom parts for pinballs. And of course great decals. - Great game specific parts - Great products to enhance your sound, polishers, and some game specific modifications. - LEDs for many games. They look great and save you from having to replace hard to get to lights in the future. I just used them for an Addams Family and all LEDs worked. I would highly recommend them. The lights look great and they have extended LEDs. Their kits perfectly match the correct color to the location! - Another source for LEDs in bulk or kits. - Great parts including game specific. But the part I recommend most is the Ball Trough Magnetic Jam Protector for $6.00 - Game specific and general pinball parts. - Great place for plastic cleaner, paint pens, hardware, DMD insulators (only place I found them) and more. - Great pinball toppers.

Laseriffic Pinball Toppers - Another source for pinball toppers.

Pingraffix - Game blades and other cool mods.

Tilt Graphics - Game blades and other stuff.

Pinball Magazine

Pinball Magazine - a great magazine but more like a non periodic book

PINBALL Companies

Stern Pinball

Jersey Jack Pinball

American Pinball

Spooky Pinball

Pinball Database - A great encyclopedia to find out about any machine. You can get good pictures and usually download a great rulesheet for the game. - great forum for news, repairs, information, marketplace, etc. for pinballs.

Pinball Repair - Gottlieb System 1 Information. - Gottlieb System 1 Information.

Other Sites - Sam's Steins & Collectibles

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