Check List When Buying A Pinball

I have been fixing machines in people's homes since 2004. It is frustrating to see the condition that a machine has been sold to the customer from a "retail" establishment. Parts are missing that at first are not noticeable but major portions of the game will not work correctly. You would not notice this until well after you purchased a machine. Other times, parts are broken that should have been fixed before the machine was sold.

We previously provided a six month warranty on all pinballs. We lowered our prices to be more competitive when we sell so no longer offer a warranty but ensure that the game is in working condition when delivered and soon afterwards. We believe in the work we have performed and stand behind our machines. Machines are mechanical and have moving parts. Occasionally they will break. However, we will be there to ensure that they are correctly fixed and working 100%.

Our Pledge to You

Our machines will be working 100%. There will be no missing parts or electrical components not working. If parts are missing or not working, they will be disclosed to the customer usually in the pictures on our web site and on the receipt. We will go over the machine with you and show you that all parts of the machine are operational. We will show you how to use the menu selections to set options and test the machine. Since these machines are used, we will fix up the cosmetics as well as we can. We will disclose all scratches, dents and blemishes on the playfield, plastics, cabinet and backglass.

We sell locally so we can stand behind our pinball machines and fix them. If we sell out of the area, we usually sell to knowledgeable collectors who know how to fix them or have a trusted repair person. Just because you can get a "deal" on eBay does not mean you are getting the best value for your money. If the machine is delivered to your garage, do you have the resources to get it to your basement? Do you know how to set it up? If it comes damaged, can you get it fixed? Remember a "deal" isn't always a deal.

Check List

You can sometimes get an incredible deal buying a pinball direct from another person. If you need help moving the machine, we can assist at our repair rates. If the game needs a major overhaul, we can work on a contract to take the machine into our shop and prepare it for a fixed-rate for labor plus parts.

If you have any questions, please call us at (703) 431-5470 or email us at