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Check List When Buying A Pinball


Mills QT Hash

1940s Mills QT Hash Slot Machine. This is a 3/4 QT Slot Machine that Mills produced. It has a great action. It works 100% and looks great. It has original Mills locks. It is beautiful. 


Mills OK Vendor

This is a beautifully restored 1931 Mills OK Vendor. See pictures below to see what it looked like before the restoration. The slot machine works 100% including payouts and jackpot. It has a double jackpot. On the next pull after the jackpot has been won, the upper area coins fall into the lower jackpot area. The top area then fills up with coins to prepare for the next cycle.

The award paper and fortune paper has been replaced with new lamenated paper. The handle and hardware, the award frame and frame around the front key have been re-plated. I was able to get a replacement key made for the front by Leesburg Lock and Key. The glass has been replaced. The front has been cleaned and painted. The vendor mechanism does not work since the part of the inner slot hardwae is missing, as most are. If you press the lever with the back door open, the mechanism works. 

A beautiful restoration I did for a customer. 

X-Men Magneto LE #41/250 

Ghostbusters Premium 

Star Wars Premium 

Houdini #171 

Junk Yard 

Theatre of Magic 


Lord of the Rings 

The Hobbit LE NIB when I bought it. 

Star Trek Next Generation

Finally my favorite game back. 

Star Trek LE 


Great game. 

Nice Austin Powers. Fully working. 

This is always a great family game. This is a Williams wide-body pinball. This game has a shaker motor, 4 flippers, and two talking heads. "Red's" voice is Carlene Carter. When you get to jackpot mode, "Every Little Thing" plays. The cabinet is one of the best I have had. 

Here is a nice (but no means perfect or collector quality) Monster Bash unpopulated play field. There has been some nice touch up decals added around the Dracula track. The decal fixes were added on top of the Mylar. So this play field is probably not a candidate for clear coating without major work and expense. But it is a very nice replacement player's quality play field if you need a better play field. 

My favorite game and one of the best games out there. 

Nice unrestored but fully working game. 

Fun, fast game. NIce flow. All LEDs. 

World Cup Soccer is a great game. It is great for the family and/or soccer enthusiasts. This game came out of a home and was well maintained. It works 100%. 

Stargate in nice condition. Some touch up on the play field as shown below. Game works 100% and cabinet in great condition. 

A nice, simple, fun game. 

My favorite game, lovingly restored again... 

Bram Stroker's Dracula 

This game has all LEDs, new gold colored plated enhanced trim, new plastics, and new ramps. This is a great theme and fun. All my Elvis collector friends like to come by and play this when I have it in the house. This game was in a little candy store more as a propr than as a game to be played. Although NOT home use only it is in very nice condition. 

Demolition Man 


Totally restored this game looks great and is actually fun to play. Good flow, good sound and music. Good theme.  



1940s art deco light up chief Jennings penny tic tac toe with original coin box. It has the keys but think they are original but not sure. Two keys. One for the back door, one for the coin box. 

I replaced the left ramp (and decal). I added a protector to the left ramp. I replaced the Sandman plastic. I added a ramp protector to the right ramp. I added the 3 Cliffy protectors. I added the plastics protectors. I added decals and the paper inserts. This game has the super bright LED kit from Coin Taker. I also bought three modified figures (as shown below): Goblin, Doc Ock, and Sandman. I added red leg protectors. 

This is an Addams Family with a GOLD ROM and gold side rails, lockbar and legs. It has an overlay on the playfield and looks great except a little below the bookcase where it is creased a little. This game works 100% including new LEDs and new driver board. 

This is brand new X-Men Magneto LE pinball. It is #43 of 250. Since it is brand new it has the certificate and the manual. I am so excited to buy a brand new game. (The last one I purchased brand new was Lord of the Rings, which I regret selling last year.) I am so excited because it needs nothing done to it. It has LEDs. It has protectors. I updated the software to v1.51. 

This is a great family game. It is in beautiful condition. It was on a route but hardly used. The game works 100% with all coils, lights, and switches working. All motors also work nicely. The display has a very slight fade at the bottom right.

Once the restoration of this game is complete, it will have new LEDs, new display, new target decals, new paper inserts, new plastic protectors and totally cleaned play field and ramps and new rubbers. 

This game has almost 50 hours worth of work including taking the entire game apart and cleaning, changing rubbers, posts, lane guides, bumper assemblies, Cliffy colored posts, and new flipper coils and assemblies. LEDs, plastic protectors, clear plastics, new claw opto board, replaced driver board with refurbished board. I bought a new car and had to replace the front car since it was broken apart and not working. The finishing touch will be light blue leg protectors and new legs, bolts and levelers. 

This game is always a favorite for families. Soccer is played by just about every family in the area and this is just a great, fun game. Usually people want to buy this game unrestored working 100% to save money. This game does not go into "trophy" gamerooms. It goes into family game rooms and is used by the whole family. So the prices are appropriate for this game.  

Sold: June 2014

No Good Gofers is a fun game that is great for the family or golfer. Many interesting things to do including a ramp the comes down to allow shots to the upper play field including attempts at a hole in one. Two gophers pop up and say funny and not too rude stuff and taunt the player. Try to hit them with the pinball. Six ball multiball. This is a Pat Lawler game. Currently the third I have in stock at the moment. (The other two are Ripley's Believe It Or Not [Great game] and Road Show. When I get Addams Family in a few days, I will have four.)

Grand Prix

The game works and scores and looks pretty good except a crack and missing plastic on the big right arrow (picture shown below). There is also a Buffalo Bills bumper sticker on the right side of the cabinet. 

Sold: April 2014

This is one of my top four pinball games. (The others are Star Trek Next Generation, Lord of the Rings, and Monster Bash.) This game was designed by Pat Lawlor. In my opinion, I like it better than Twilight Zone. The game is great and fun to play. Great for the family and fun. Fully restored with LEDs, new ramps, plastic protectors, and protectors. 

Sold: April 2014

Eight Ball Deluxe is probably one of the best Bally games of the 1977 to 1985 era. The play field on this game is good. There are a couple of places where the black outlines will need to be redone. But there are no wear spots on the play field. The cabinet is good. The right back box is faded. The yellow is all gone and just white. Most likely that was the side that was facing a window. 

Sold: February 2014

This is always a great family game. This is a Williams wide-body pinball. Cliffy protector added for hole. Under plastic protectors added. Boards repaired and working 100%. New DMD display. New blue legs with blue leg protectors. All rubbers and lights replaced with LEDs. Game has been taken apart and cleaned and put back together (without leaving out any parts). This game has a shaker motor, 4 flippers, and two talking heads. "Red's" voice is Carlene Carter. When you get to jackpot mode, "Every Little Thing" plays. The cabinet is a bit faded as shown in the pictures below.  

This is a very underrated game. It is well designed and VERY fast. The cabinet is a little faded but still looks great. The back glass has a slight scratch on the front right car. It was not noticeable with the regular lights but shows up with the LEDs. It is a great game and I am enjoying playing it and so will you! 

Sold: December 2013

Restored with new boards, display, legs, LEDs, new plastics and more. A great game and great fun.  

Sold: December 2013 

Star Trek Next Gen

Sold: December 2013


Sold: December 2013

This is a great game as I always say. I added the Color DMD display and I think it looks great. I also had the wire ramps plated in black nickel. There are new plastics, plastic protectors, Cliffy protector, Cliffy colored sleeves, LEDs, and a new Rottendog driver board. The cabinet is in great condition. The playfield is in great condition.

Sold: November 2013

Fish Tales is a great family game. Fun for kids and adults. Very engaging. Very pretty playfield. New plastics, LEDs, posts, rubbers, decals. Play field has been taken apart and cleaned thoroughly. New DMD. New topper cover.

Jennings Hunting Scene


Sold: November 2013

This is a 1937-1941 Jennings Hunting Scene quarter slot machine. It is in excellent condition. The hunting scene was repainted in 1981, so I did not touch this area. I repainted the white border and the blue. Look at the 5th picture below for the before and after. This comes with a cover.  

Sold: September 2013

Another beautiful Star Trek Next Generation has found a good home.  

Sold: August 2013

Very simple but fun game. One of the first Gottlieb solid state pinball games. Gottlieb made about 1,600 Electro mechanical Cleopatra games and about 7,300 Solid State (which is what this game is). This game has all LEDs, new plastic set, and new manual. This game is not perfect for a 36 year old game but in very nice condition. 

Great game with great flow. Very engaging game. Very popular and hard to find. 

The Addams Family


Sold: May 2013

T his game has been restored finishing on Easter 2013. New ramp, new display, new LEDs, new posts, new rubbers, Cliffy protectors, new bookcase motor, new thing coil magnet, new magnets and individual fuses to protect the magnets, new coils as appropriate. It is beautiful. The cabinet is very pretty too.

This is the most popular pinball machine. It is the most produced game but very hard to find. Once someone gets it in their collection, they never get rid of it.  

Sold: April 2013

Here is a great Corvette game in great condition. This is one of my favorite games. Great theme. Beautiful playfield and artwork. Great game play. This game is wonderful for the entire family or a Corvette enthusiast. 

Sold: March 2013

Twilight Zone. Really nice. Nicely restored.  

Wholesaled: February 2013

This game is in incredibly nice condition. The play field looks great. The cabinet looks great. There are some dings that I will point out below. All plastics are nice. The game works 100%. It is a fun magic themed game for the entire family. The shots and play are great. The integration of the music, voice, display, and pinball play is great. 



Sold: February 2013

This game is great for the family. It has great artwork. It has many modes including video modes. It is a fun game and very pretty.  

Sold: January 2013

Star Trek The Next Generation is my favorite game. I sell it and immediately regret it. This time it took me two years before I bought another one. It is a widebody. It has a great theme, great sounds, great voices, great gameplay, great layout, and just an all around great game. Did I mention how great it is?

This game has a new display, a new translte, new ramps, new plastics, new rubbers, new posts, new LEDs, ramp protectors, Cliffy hole protector, a new driver board, and the upgraded lighted apron. 

Sold: December 2012

This is a 1940s Jennings Light Up Chief Slot Machine. It accepts dimes. It works beautifully and looks beautiful. This game comes with the stand shown in the picture.  

Sold: December 2012

This is one of Stern's best pinball machines! The game play is wonderful. There are many multiball modes. This game was purchased by me in November 2006. (The manufacture date is 11/13/2006.) This is a true home use only pinball. This game has the Cliffy protectors, the Shire protector, and ALL LED lights. 

World Cup Soccer


Sold: October 2012

This game is a great family game and a great theme. It is very fun to play. Great for the whole family, especially a soccer family. I always try to have this game on hand since someone will always need a family friendly, great playing, great themed game.

This game has a new display, LEDs, posts, bumper caps, rubbers, plastics, plastic protectors, Cliffy hole protectors, decals, and many more cosmetic and functional improvements. 

Mills Chrome Bell

Sold: October 2012

The Mills Chrome Bell after it has been re-chromed. The award card is new. As you will see in the pictures below, the award card was originally silver but I could not buy a silver replacement award card. The original award card is still available with the game. I did all the red painting. 

Sold: October 2012

This is a beautiful game based on the Disney movie. This is great family game. I sold some of these when they were new. This is the first time I have restored a Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC). This game has over 30 hours of restoration work to get it to look as nice as it does. This game includes LEDs, new rubbers, cleaned playfield, 100% working, and decals.  

This game has the 4 glow balls and the manual. It needs to be cleaned. I started cleaning it but still more work is needed.

This will be a great pinball for someone to learn to take apart and clean up. It does not need to be fixed, just cleaned. A good introduction for someone wanting to learn. Or an inexpensive way to get a quality pinball that is NOT up to the quality of my other, much more expensive pinballs. 

Great game. Great theme. Fun mini playfield with three levels. Top level shown with two lock holes and target. Last picture shows 5 center targets. Lower level contains three holes that go into the subway ramp shown near the bottom of the set of photos. Game has been redone with all LEDs. New posts throughtout. New rubbers. Plastics and ramps extensively cleaned, including subway ramp (see pictures below). Driver board always replaced with 100% tested and working board 

Ms Pac Man 

High Roller Casino

A fun themed games. Many casino style games to play while playing the game. The game is in good condition with the usual wear around the cabinet flipper buttons. 

This is a 1933 Rock-ola World Series. I purchased parts from Hal O'Rouke (*). The first day I had it, I tried to adjust the bases so they will spin. I lightly tried to move the pivot point and broke the casting as shown below.

This game works. It needs some TLC. This is what I have into this pinball. I corrected the problem. For $50 or so, you can buy a replacement casting and replace the entire base but I am not a carpenter/craftsman so do not want to work on it. But if you did not it would still work nicely.

This is a beautiful machine and a great work of ingenuity. The game plays great with the glass off a a little help. The bases are a little lower than the playfield so the balls sometimes get caught. Otherwise it works great. This is great for a baseball fan or collector.

* Sadly, Hal O'Rouke passed away March 10, 2010. The web site is still available (as of this page's publication) but may not be forever.  

Bally Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition

Sold: January 2012

Eight Ball Deluxe is the best pool themed pinball ever made. It is one of the best 1977 - 1985 Bally games. This "Limited Edition" uses the "Rapid Fire" cabinet (which was also used for the Mr and Mrs PacMan). The game is a classic. The play field is in very good condition. The MPU board has been replaced with an Ultimate MPU. The cabinet is in okay condition. The right side has a gash as shown below. I would sell this for closer to $3,000 (with a discount) if it were not for the gash). Great game. Great theme. Great for the entire family.

Williams Fish Tales

Sold: January 2012

One of the best games from the Bally/Williams glory days of the early 1990s. This is a great game with a great game. This is fun and entertaining for the entire family. The cabinet is vibrant and colorful. There are some scratches, but overall a very nice cabinet. The topper plastic has been replaced along with the decal. This game contains all LED lights. The top plastic ramp is new. Most broken plastics have been replaced. (One that you cannot see has not been replaced.) New flippers and new rubbers as well.

Bally World Cup Soccer

Sold: January 2012

This is a great theme and a very engaging game that will provide unlimited fun for the whole family.

I am considering this a "Value Priced Pinball." This game is working 100%. But not restored to the level of my other games. Why not? If I do, it will add $1,400 to the cost. (See below for the parts that I would add.) This is a great game. Since it is working, I will provide my usual 6 month warranty.  

Bally Addams Family

Sold: January 2012

Addams Family is the best selling pinball and a very popular game. It is a great game for the entire family. The music and sounds are great. The game flow is well designed. This game has been restored nicely.

This game has all LED lights, a new ramp, new plastics, new rubbers. The game has been taken apart and cleaned. The CPU and driver IO board have been completely repaired. The game includes decals on all targets and on the bookcase. The bookcase motor has been replaced as well as other coils and parts that needed to be fixed. As usual this game is working 100% and looks great.

Star Wars Trilogy


Sega Star Wars Trilogy

Sold: December 2011

A fun game for the family or a Star Wars fan! This game has an X-wing fighter (cannon) to shoot at targets. The cannons at the top back are also a magnet that moves the ball from one ramp to the other. There are many modes and many multiball modes.

The game has new rubbers, new LED lights, new drop targets and decals, and new flipper parts. Many coils and transistors were replaced. The acrylic backglass was yellowed and cracking. This has been replaced with new Lexan acryclic that should last for years and years. The front legs are new. I have cabinet leg protectors on the game.  

Bally Judge Dredd

Sold: December 2011

Judge Dredd was my first pinball machine I owned. Then I bought another and another and realized that no one in the area could really fix them to my satisfaction. It was nice to get this one 100% working and ready to go. The eagle topper is broken as shown in the picture above. I have the pieces but it would look like a jigsaw puzzle. All lights, rubbers, coils, switches, motors working 100%. It was a fun game in 1999 and is still a fun game today. It is a widebody. The plunger switch is on the right side of the cabinet. The cabinet is in really nice condition. There is a little wood missing on the front of the cabinet. See the last two pictures.  

Cue Ball Wizard


Gottlieb Cue Ball Wizard

Sold: December 2011

One of Gottlieb's newer great games. Pool themed pinball would go great in any basement. Fun for the entire family.

Rubbers have been replaced. The yellow posts have been replaced (except for clear double post - couldn't find yellow). All boards repaired and game is working 100%. Motor has also been professionally and completely repaired by Pinball Resource.  


Namco 20th Anniversary Ms. Pac Man / Galaga Combo

Namco 20th Anniversary Ms Pac Man/Galaga

Sold: December 2011

This is a great looking and great playing Namco 20th Anniversary Ms Pac Man / Galaga Combo cocktail table. It is in almost brand new condition with a great almost new monitor.  

Gottlieb Rescue 911

Sold: December 2011

Based on the CBS television show of the same name, this pinball replicates EMS emergency situations. The helicopter flies through the playfield and picks up the ball. In certain modes, you need to aim and drop the ball in one of two specified targets. The playfield, cabinet, plastics are in nice shape. The translite is new. The helicopter has a new friction wheel and broken wires have been fixed. 

Stern/Sega South Park

Sold: December 2011

I have never laughed so much playing a pinball. Obviously it is based on South Park so it is crude and rude. This is NOT your family pinball machine and should not be purchased for or at least used by the little kids. If you love South Park, you will love this game. Everything on this game works even Mr. Hankey. This game comes with the topper and sign. 

Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation

Sold: September 2011

The game has been completely shopped. All lights have been replaced with LEDs. All plastics are in nice condition. Cliffy hole protector. Ramp protectors. New Klingon ship. I added the Enterprise. Nice paper inserts up front. The Borgship has blue LEDs and looks great, especially in multiball. This game also has the laser cannon upgrade. All targets have decals on them 

Apollo 13

Sega Apollo 13

Sold: July 2011

This is a great game. It is fun to play and entertaining. It is one of my favorite games. Yes, the 13 ball multiball is a bit overthe top but it is always fun to watch someone play it that has not played it before when all 13 balls drop onto the play field. The theme is very nice and it will work in a family setting or in a space themed play room. Broken plastics have been replaced. Rubbers have been replaced. Most lights have been replaced with LEDs. 

Road Show


Williams Road Show

Sold: February 2011

This is always a great family game. This is a Williams wide-body pinball. Cliffy protector added for hole. Under plastic protectors added. Boards repaired and working 100%. New DMD display. New blue legs with blue leg protectors. All rubbers and lights replaced. Game has been taken apart and cleaned and put back together (without leaving out any parts). This game has a shaker motor, 4 flippers, and two talking heads. "Red's" voice is Carlene Carter. When you get to jackpot mode, "Every Little Thing" plays. The cabinet is a bit faded as shown in the pictures below. 

High Speed II - The Getaway


Williams High Speed II: The Getaway

Sold: January 2011

High Speed II - The Getaway is just a fun game and a classic. This game is fun. The Super charger is a great feature in the game. Greaty game for the entire family. 

1994 Williams World Cup Soccer


Williams World Cup Soccer

Sold: December 2010

A beautiful and nicely restored 1994 Bally World Cup Soccer. This game works 100%. This is a great theme and a very engaging game that will provide unlimited fun for the whole family.

The entire game has been taken apart. The playfield has been cleaned. All rubbers and lights have been replaced. All broken plastics have been replaced. I was able to find many replacement plastics but not a whole set so some are original but none are broken. I also replaced the clear plastics and added the under plastic protectors. The six Cliffy protectors have been added. The hole eject plastics (3 of them) have been replaced so that they kick out the ball correctly (especially for the top left that shoots into the goal).

The soccer ball has been replaced. (I have the original so you can see how bad it is.) The soccer motor ball was replaced since the previous owners (a company that had it on a route) assumed you could fix a motor with grease and oil. The display and display power have been replaced. The bridge rectifiers and capacitors that usually cause the reset issue on these games has been replaced and should work nicely for the next 15 - 20 years. The game also has black leg protectors (not shown in the photos).  

Williams Slugfest

November 2010: Donated to the Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Fund Drive

Great pitch and bat game. Fun for one player and much more fun with two players! The playfield is in great condition. The display is new. The backglass is in great condition too. The cabinet is faded. 

Stern Monopoly

Sold: November 2010

This game is in excellent condition. The playfield, plastics, ramps and backglass are in excellent condition. In fact, most plastics are new as are the two plastic ramps. The Electric Company LED sign is also new. All light bulbs have been replaced with LEDs. This is great for your game room, Monopoly enthusiasts, and the entire family. The cabinet, back glass, playfield, plastics and ramps are in great condition. This game was manufactured on 6/20/2002 and includes the most recent software version 3.03. 

1997 Williams No Good Gofers



Williams No Good Gofers

Sold: October 2010

Great pinball in great condition. A very nice theme for a family and golfer. The playfield is in really nice condition with some wear under the ramp. The old mylar has been removed. The area has been cleaned and a stealth "mylar" has been placed there so it can be easily removed. The prize wheel decal is new. Everything, as usual, works 100%. The cabinet is in excellent condition. The colors are vibrant including the reds.  

1982 Bally Mr. and Mrs. Pac Man


Bally Mr. and Mrs. Pac Man

Traded: July 2010

This is a classic machine. Great theme! This is fun for the entire family. This has a sort of Pac-Man video game on the playfield that is controlled by the flippers. The playfield has some wear spots. Some have been fixed. A few are still there. The cabinet is in good condition.  

2004 Stern Elvis


Stern Elvis

Sold: July 2010

Nicely restored Elvis. The game works 100%. The game was taken apart, cleaned, all rubbers replaced, all lights replaced with LEDs. Broken plastics were replaced. The Heartbreak Hotel mini playfield was replaced. This is a great game for your family or the Elvis collector. 

Stern Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Sold: June 2010

This is a great game for the entire family. Great theme and great game play. This is one of my favorite games.

The entire game has been taken apart. The playfield has been cleaned. All rubbers and lights have been replaced. All lights have been replaced with LEDs. All broken plastics have been replaced. The Cliffy protector has been added. Both ramps are new. Head magnet has been replaced. 

Indiana Jones


Willams Indiana Jones

Sold: June 2010

One of the best pinball machines ever made. This game has 12 modes, including 3 video modes. This game also has four different multi-ball modes. The upper left playfield tilts and is controlled by the flippers when you go into the Path of Adventure.

This game's playfield has been taken apart and cleaned. New rubbers and lights have been added. The clear plastic ramp has been replaced. All plastics are new. This game includes the under plastics to protect the plastics. This also contains the Cliffy protectors. All boards have been inspected and repaired as required including fixing the common reset problem. The flipper boards have also been replaced.

The ramps have been rechromed by Mike Chestnut. The gun plunger has also been rechromed. Both look beautiful. The playfield is in great condition. 

2008 Stern Indiana Jones


Stern Indiana Jones

Sold: March 2010

Home use on pinball machine in an non-smoking home. Great game with great music and sound clips from all four movies. The game is in beautiful condition and has the Cliffy protectors added to the Last Crusade and Temple of Doom holes. 

Grand Slam

Sold: June 2005

This pinball game is great for the entire family. It is fun for younger children to enjoy as well as older children, teenagers, and adults. Not only are you trying to get the high score, you are also accumulating base hits and runs 

1972 Bally Twin Joker


Twin Joker

Sold: March 2005

This is a bingo-type game. The playfield and backglass are in excellent condition. The cabinet is in good condition (see picture for details). This game does not have flippers. Two people play against each other. Each shoots 5 balls. The balls land in one of 25 holes 9 through Ace (of all four suits) and a Joker. The player with the best poker hand wins.

There were only 1,000 of these games produced. Since this is an unusual game, we expect that it will do well in a gameroom with a gambling or card motif. 

1993 Williams Addams Family


Addams Family 1993

Traded: May 2004 

1993 Williams Judge Dredd


Judge Dredd 1993

Sold: October 2004 


Virginia Sales Tax

Virginia sales tax is currently 6.0%. Sales tax for in-state orders applies to machines and parts. It does not apply to the delivery or repair services.


As of August 1, 2014, we will no longer provide a warranty with our pinballs unless you purchase a separate warranty from us. A 1 year warranty is $500 or pay as you go if you even need it. If you buy it directly from us and take it home yourself, you will be inspecting it to ensure it works. If we deliver, we will ensure that it works 100% when delivered.

Reasons You Should Let Us Deliver Your Pinball (or Another Machine)

  1. We will NOT provide a warranty for the machine since we cannot be assured that a problem did not happen when you transported the machine. (As of August 1, 2014, we will no longer provide a warranty with our pinballs unless you purchase a separate warranty from us. A 1 year warranty is $500 or pay as you go if you even need it. If you buy it directly from us and take it home yourself, you will be inspecting it to ensure it works. If we deliver, we will ensure that it works 100% when delivered.)
  2. We take responsibility for any damage that may occur during the delivery process.
  3. We professionally set up the machine, connect all the connectors, attach the legs, head, etc. and ensure that the pinball works properly. If anything is out of adjustment due to moving the machine, we can fix it in a few minutes as compared to having to come to your house later and charging you a trip fee and repair charge.
  4. If anything major is out of adjustment, we can order parts and repair. This hardly ever happens but it could and you and the machine are protected.

Delivery Options

We are currently set up for local delivery only within the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and North-Eastern West Virginia area. If you are interested in shipping the pinball machine, we will contact a shipper. You will pay all crating and postage costs.

If you would like us to deliver and set up within 50 miles of Purcellville, the charge is $300; within 100 miles $475. The delivery charge includes delivery to a first floor or basement level if walk-out.

We will not sell you a game/deliver the game if the only entrance to your basement is an inside the house staircase. They are too narrow. Plus we have to ensure we don't mess up carpet or wood. It just isn't worth it.

You may also come and pick up the machine from our location.