Williams 1965 Alpine Club Information

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Below you will find information specific to Williams 1965 Alpine Club and Williams machines of this era in general.

Cabinet Paint

Alpine Club Alpine Club After

The cabinet paint was in very poor condition. Click here to see the before and after photographs as well as the paint colors used to recreate the cabinet.

Game Resetting By Itself

The game was restarting in the middle of the current game. After examining much of the wiring, I realized that the start button was sometimes getting stuck partially in. When the game was resetting, I noticed that the start button was partially pushed in. I pulled it out and it stopped resetting. I have cleaned up the button to hopefully stop this from happening again.

Setting Free Replays Based on Points Scored

In the back cabinet in the right side of the cabinet about half way up there is a set of connectors which sets the free play levels. The connector has two sets of five holes as follows:

100   Y 600
200     700
300   G 800
400   W 900
500 B   000

The instructions state:
Plug in Red (R) Wire for scores 1100 - 2000
Plug in Blue (B) Wire for scores 2100 - 3000
Plug in Yellow (Y) Wire for scores 3100 - 4000
Plug in Green (G) Wire for scores 4100 - 5000
Plug in White (W) Wire for scores 5100 - 6000
Plug in Brown (O) Wire for scores 6100 - 7000

Given my above wiring configuration, I did not use the Red wire or the Brown wire. Therefore, there will be no replays in the 1100 -2000 range or the 6100 - 7000 range.

The first replay is 2500 since the blue wire is in the 500 position.
The second replay is 3600 since the yellow wire is in the 600 position.
The third replay is 4800 since the green wire is in the 800 position.
The fourth replay is 5900 since the white wire is in the 900 position.

Below you will see a close up of the connector. Note the blue wire at the bottom left of the connector. The yellow wire is in the top right position. The green wire is in the 800 position. The white wire is in the 900 position. The red wire is plugged into the wood as a placeholder.

free game wiring

A view of the back board to see where the connector is in relation to everything else.

free game wiring another view

Next Score Reel Is Not Incremented When Digit Moves From 9 To 0

It is stated that soldering is not done well on the score reels. Several wires needs to be resoldered. The switches also needed to be aligned correctly so they were open or closed at the correct time (see below). The switch edges also needed to be sanded to work correctly.

The 1s, 10s and 100s reels have three switches. The 1000s reel only has two since there is no need for a "9" indicator switch since there is not another reel.

The top switch is used during the reset to switch all digits to 0. If 1 - 9 is displaying, the switch is closed. If 0 is displaying the switch is open. The middle switch does the same thing as the top switch. I am not sure if it has another use.

The bottom switch is used to increment the next reel when the current reel moves from 9 to 0. If 0 - 8 is displaying the switch is open. If 9 is displaying, the switch is closed. I assume this closed switch continues the flow of electricity to the next reel to force it to increment.

I also took apart the solenoids and cleaned them to allow a more fluid motion. The 1000s reel was clearly getting electricity when the 100s reel moved from 9 to 0. You could see the 1000s reel move but not increment. Hopefully by cleaning the solenoid, this issue will happen less frequently.

Steve Young at The Pinball Resource provided the last bit of information that fixed the score reels. The screws that hold the switches to the reel assembly need to be tightened. I had two screws that were loose. It turned out that the threads were stripped where they should have connected to the score reel. I had old parts and was able to replace the screws.

Steve told me NEVER to adjust the movable leafs on a switch. The movable leafs should be perpendicular to the switch body. Only the fixed leafs should be adjusted. I went back to EVERY switch and made the movable leafs as perpendicular as possible. I then adjustable the fixed leafs on at a time and made sure they were in the correct position for all number positions. Now the game resets to zero every time. The next reel also increments when the reel moves from 9 to 0. Thanks Steve!

The picture below kind of shows the 3 switches.


Why Does The 10s Reel Not Have a Circuit Board

I originally could not figure out why the 1s, 100s and 1000s reels had circuit boards connected and the 10s reel did not. I finally realized that the 1s needed the circuit to match the number at the end of the game for the replay. The 100s and 1000s needed the circuit board to match the replay scores as described above.

The picture below shows a circuit board for the 1s, 100s, and 1000s reel but not the 10s reel.

Score reels

Why Does The Game Not Reset To 0000s At The Beginning Of The Game

The reset solenoid, which is shown in the picture above near the top left, was not making a good electrical connection at the tips. During testing I placed a clip between the leafs and the reels reset. But when I let the machine act like it was supposed to, it did not work. I took sandpaper and cleaned the tips of the leaf switches and it worked. I also needed to correctly align the 0 position switch as discussed above.

The Ball Is Not Going Into The Plunger Lane At The Beginning Of Each Ball

Sometimes the ball does not get kicked out into the plunger lane. This is very frustrating because you can hear the solenoid kicking the ball and trying to get over the hump between the out lane and the plunger. This turned out to have several problems. I made the playfield too steep. I adjusted the leg levelers to a slightly less slope. I took apart the solenoid and cleaned the dirt off the rod. I also used a Dremel tool and sanded down the track since it was dirty and had stuff sticking up which was slowing down the ball.

This appears to have corrected the problem. Occasionally it does it but only once rather than several times to get the ball to the plunger. Not bad for a 40 year old machine.

The Green Bumper Is Not Scoring 1 Point When Not Lit, But Is Scoring 10 Points When Lit

Luckily the game has a red set of bumpers and a green set of bumpers that do the exact same thing. I was able to compare them and fix this problem.

The number 1 bumper relay [on the left side of the playfield (all references are to the underside of the playfield)] reacts to the Green Bumpers. The picture below shows the number 1 bumper relay. The second picture shows the number 2 bumper relay [on the right side of the playfield] which reacts to the red bumpers.

no 1 relay

On the red bumper relay, the third switch from the left was adding 1 point when the leafs were closed. The green bumper relay was not adding 1 point when the leafs were closed. I turned the lights onto the green and red bumpers. This same switch was now scoring 10 points (as designed) on both relays. Therefore both of these relays were correct. The problem was elsewhere.

no 2 relay

At the bottom right of the playfield, there are two relays. These control the scoring of the red bumpers (on the left) and the green bumpers (on the right). The picture below shows the relays when both bumpers are scoring 1 point. The three switches on the left side of each relay are open and the right switch is closed.

The right switch on the green relay was not making a good connection. I used the leaf adjuster and made a better connection by adjusting the non-moving leaf. Once I did that, the green bumper scored 1 point.

on relay

The picture below is provide for comparison. The red relay (on the left) is in the 1 point scoring position. The three switches on the left are open and the switch on the right is closed.

The green relay (on the right) is in the 10 point scoring position. The three switches on the left are closed and the switch on the right is open.

green relay




Virginia Sales Tax

Virginia sales tax is currently 6.0%. Sales tax for in-state orders applies to machines and parts. It does not apply to the delivery or repair services.


As of August 1, 2014, we will no longer provide a warranty with our pinballs unless you purchase a separate warranty from us. A 1 year warranty is $500 or pay as you go if you even need it. If you buy it directly from us and take it home yourself, you will be inspecting it to ensure it works. If we deliver, we will ensure that it works 100% when delivered.

Reasons You Should Let Us Deliver Your Pinball (or Another Machine)

  1. We will NOT provide a warranty for the machine since we cannot be assured that a problem did not happen when you transported the machine. (As of August 1, 2014, we will no longer provide a warranty with our pinballs unless you purchase a separate warranty from us. A 1 year warranty is $500 or pay as you go if you even need it. If you buy it directly from us and take it home yourself, you will be inspecting it to ensure it works. If we deliver, we will ensure that it works 100% when delivered.)
  2. We take responsibility for any damage that may occur during the delivery process.
  3. We professionally set up the machine, connect all the connectors, attach the legs, head, etc. and ensure that the pinball works properly. If anything is out of adjustment due to moving the machine, we can fix it in a few minutes as compared to having to come to your house later and charging you a trip fee and repair charge.
  4. If anything major is out of adjustment, we can order parts and repair. This hardly ever happens but it could and you and the machine are protected.

Delivery Options

We are currently set up for local delivery only within the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and North-Eastern West Virginia area. If you are interested in shipping the pinball machine, we will contact a shipper. You will pay all crating and postage costs.

If you would like us to deliver and set up within 50 miles of Purcellville, the charge is $300; within 100 miles $475. The delivery charge includes delivery to a first floor or basement level if walk-out.

We will not sell you a game/deliver the game if the only entrance to your basement is an inside the house staircase. They are too narrow. Plus we have to ensure we don't mess up carpet or wood. It just isn't worth it.

You may also come and pick up the machine from our location.