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 Hobbit References


Thanks to all of the references below.


Pinside Hobbit Owners Thread

Pinside Hobbit Setup, Tweaks, and Adjustments

Frank, Ken, and Vic at Jersey Jack Pinball. Lloyd on Pinside.

The Hobbit manual.


 Hobbit Lock Bar Is Very Tight


The lock bar is very hard to close.


Adjust the two brass screws on top of the lock bar area. According to Jersey Jack, they are adjusted to a "template" lock bar but the actual lock bar can be slightly different. I still have to push down to the right of the button to lock it in place, but it is much better than originally delivered.

The side of the lock bar slightly scratched the decal. I cut a piece if tape in half and covered this area on both sides to protect the decal.

Withthe lock bar in, the yellow lever will not move to the right easily.

I have to push down to the right of the button to move the lever to the right. Once I adjusted the brass screws, I still had to press down to the right of the button butit was much easier.


 Hobbit Play Field Glass Does Not Slide All The Way Up


When sliding in the play field glass, it hits against the plastic channel at the top rather than sliding into place


Short term solution is to gently push down on the left side of the channel when sliding in the glass. I will try to loosen the screws and adjust it down ever so slightly.


 Hobbit Top Right EOS Flipper Switch Is Not Registering


The top right EOS switch is not registering in dedicated switch test.


The Black Black wire shared between the 3 flipper EOS switches has connectivity between them.

The Black Red wire on the top right flipper EOS which goes to J601-5 and through the pass through connector J17-4 has connectivity to both connectors.

The EOS switch physically closes correctly and provides connectivity.

I reseated both connectors.

This sounds like an I/O Board issue. To be sure, I shorted J601-1 (black black ground wire) to J601-5 (Top Right Flipper EOS) and it did not register in dedicated switch test. I shorted J601-1 to J601-7 (Left flipper EOS) and it did register, just to ensure the paper clip was working.

I'll add more info when JJP sends a new I/O Driver board. I spoke with Frank today (10/11/2016) and they will send a new I/O Board.

10/18/2016 Update:

I replaced the I/O Driver board. It took 45 minutes and a pain in the neck since you have to raise and lower the play field to get to the front and back.

It did not solve the EOS switch problem on the top flipper. So I shorted the pins and this time it did work. Hmmmm. I realized what I did. I pushed the paper clip into the metal area of the connector and pushed the connector to the left or away from the board. I guess I was gentler when I did it before.

The EOS switch registered then it didn’t. I checked each pin and it was in correctly. I then stood on the left side of the cabinet and bent the connector towards me and tested the flipper and the switch worked. Then I left go and it didn’t. So I gently bent it more to the left and it is now at a slight angle and appears to work.

Therefore, it was probably not the I/O board although I got practice replacing it.


 Hobbit Flippers Work Correctly Even if EOS Switch Is Not Registering


With the top right EOS Flipper switch no working, I wanted to ensure that the flipper would still work properly.


I contacted Frank. I wanted to ensure that the EOS flipper switch was basically not the real way that the high power was turned off on a flipper. If so, my EOS switch not working on the top right flipper could cause the coil to burn if held in too long. Frank confirmed with the programmers that there is a minimum pulse time a flipper is on and a maximum pulse time a flipper is on. This way if the EOS switch is not detected, the software will turn off the high power. I feel better about playing the game while waiting to fix the EOS switch.


 Hobbit Yellow Targets Not Working


I had the game a few days and did not think that all the yellow targets were registering.


I opened the door and an error message appeared telling me that two of the yellow targets were not working and the Top flipper EOS was not working (prior topic).

The above screen shot shows the switch matrix and the two yellow targets not working on the left side. It is cool how the location of the switches are also shown.

I looked at the wire to the yellow targets and a wire was disconnected. I resoldered the wire and the switches worked.

 Hobbit Ball Falls Though Right Ramp And Goes Into Outlane


It looks like there is so much spin on the ball that sometimes when the ball falls off the right ramp, it looks like a magnet has moved it directly into the out lane.


I noticed that the ramp was at what appears to be a 15 to 20 degree angle to the right. I have been slowly trying to bend this to parallel with the playfield. It has helped but not much. I moved the post to the right to the smallest position and this has helped. It usually bounces the ball to the left flipper but once in a while it drains down the middle.

(I have centered the wire ramp as best as possible within the lane. The ball draining to the right outlane was happening before and after I added the Laseriffic green protectors.)

I added small felt sticker dots almost at the end of the ramp. So far, it appears to help. I have not had the ball fly off to the out lane.... yet. I played several more games and went into several multi balls. It is better but not really a perfect solution. I wonder if adding the blue square rubbers at the end of the ramp would help? Of course I would need a way to keep them in place. I ended up removing them and bent the botton double ring up a bit as described below.,

Someone on Pinside suggested bending the double loop (I assume this means the lower wire) up a little past parallel to the play field maybe about 5 degrees. He says this changes the spin of the ball to lateral instead of vertical and has not happened again in about 500 plays. I will try this and remove the felt pads. You live and you learn. And the change was not permanent so it did not hurt.

Felt dots added to the ends of the wire ramps. This didn't work. The bending worked a bit better.


 Hobbit Proper Pitch


What is the proper pitch?


Pinsiders seem to agree that 6.85 to 7 with 6.9 degrees as the most popular.


 Hobbit Flipper Button Protection


The game is beautiful, but the flipper buttons are exposed


I used the following clear flipper button protectors. They were made for Stern pinball machines but fit on the Hobbit.


 Hobbit Leg Setup


I have a dolly to move around pinballs. The front legs, if the levers are set all the way to the lowest position will not allow the dolly to fit.


I set the front legs about an inch up with a 6.9 degree pitch. My dolly fits so I can move it around if needed.


 Hobbit Warg Popup Not Working


During game play, a ball got stuck in the Warg popup. The ball search did not pop up the Warg popup.


I removed the ball and it still didn't fall. I removed the assembly and noticed that the coil was fried and would not slide on the plunger shaft. This happened after just 12 days. Hopefully the new popup and I/O board will resolve and it will not happen again.

Above photo shows the ball stuck.

I removed the ball and it did not fall down like it should due to gravity.

The coil is fried. It should slide down the plunger instead of sitting at the top.

Details can be found here.

I received a new assembly and it worked fine. I bought extra coils for the future just in case.

Hobbit Cliffy Protector Installation


I highly recommend installing the Cliffy protectors as soon as you can after you get the game.


Click here for pictures.