2017 Preliminary York Show Flea Market List

Check List When Buying A Pinball

Items in red are no longer available.

Items in yellow are new as of 9/8/2017.

Item Description Price
DMD 128x 32 DMDs with missing rows or columns $5.00
16P-501-103 Alien Poker Operator's Handbook (Original) $5.00
Flyer American Laser Games American Laser Games Flyer $5.00
Apollo 13 Plastic and ramp Apollo 13 plastic set and wire ramp blue mostly a set $75.00
AVATAR PROTECTORS Avatar Laseriffic Sling and Lane yellow protectors $20.00
FLYER ARCADE LEGENDS Arcade Legends Flyer $5.00
31-2535-4 Attack from Mars (Bally) Slings New $15.00
FO-749 Baby Pac-Man Manual (Original) $20.00
BALLY BEAUTY CATALOG Bally Beauty: Bally Bingo Operating Instructions and Parts Catalog (Original) $5.00
BARCARDI BAR MAT Barcardi Bar Mat $10.00
780-5011-00 Batman Manual (Original) $20.00
BEAUTY BEACH CATALOG Beauty Beach: Bally Bingo Operating Instructions and Parts Catalog (Original) $5.00
16-557-101 Big Guns Manual (Original) Missing back cover $20.00
Big Hurt Translite Big Hurt Translite $25.00
BIG SHOW CATALOG Big Show: Bally Bingo Operating Instructions and Parts Catalog (Original) $5.00
BIG TIME CATALOG Big Time: Bally Bingo Operating Instructions and Parts Catalog (Original) $5.00
16P-500-101 Black Knight Manual (Original) $20.00
16P-500-101-R Black Knight Manual (Reprint) PB Resource Reprint $20.00
16P-500-103 Black Knight Operator's Handbook (Original) $5.00
0-448-14021-7 Book: All About Pinball Bobbye Claire Natkin Steve Kirk $20.00
0-89145-601-5 Book: Complete Price Guide to Watches 1994 $1.00
1-56138-220-5 Book: Music Boxes Bahl $5.00
Book Colmer Book: Pinball An Illustrated History Michael Colmer binding coming apart $10.00
0-7858-0071-9 Book: Pinball Chartwell Books $15.00
0-96-613339-0 Book: PInball Flyer Reference Set of 3 Mike Pacak $100.00
0-7643-0895-5 Book: Pinball Machines 3rd Edition with Price Guide Heribert Eiden Jurgen Lukas $20.00
0-7858-0784-5 Book: Pinball The Lure of the Silver Ball Gary Flower Bill Kurtz $15.00
0-13-676221-2 Book: Pinball Wizardry: The Theaory and Practice of the Art and Science of Pinball Robert Polin and Michael Rain $50.00
Book Book: Slot Machines by Marshall Fey $30.00
0-9663429-0-9 Book: The American Carousel Organ Ron Bopp Signed by Author $50.00
0-7643-1586-1 Book: The Complete Pinball Book 2nd Edition Marco Rossignoli $25.00
0-916870-14-6 Book: Tilt the Pinball Book $50.00
0-7858-0785-3 Book: Vintage Jukeboxes Christopher Pearce $10.00
0-89689-137-2 Book: Warman's Watches Field Guide  Dean Judy $1.00
BROADWAY CATALOG Broadway: Bally Bingo Operating Instructions and Parts Catalog (Original) $5.00
Baume & Mercier 2008 Catalog: Baume & Mercier 2008 $5.00
Hamilton 2011/2012 Catalog: Hamilton 2011 2012 $5.00
Hamilton 2011 2012 Catalog: Hamilton Catalog 2011 / 2012 $5.00
K-Line 2007 V1 Catalog: K-Line by Lionel Vol 1 2007 $5.00
K-Line 2008 V1 Catalog: K-Line by Lionel Vol 1 2008 $5.00
K-Line 2009 V1 Catalog: K-Line by Lionel Vol 1 2009 $5.00
K-Line 2007 V2 Catalog: K-Line by Lionel Vol 2 2007 $5.00
LGB 1998 Catalog: LGB 1968-1998 $11.00
Lionel 2008 Christmas Catalog: Lionel Christmas 2008 $5.00
Lionel 2001 V1 Catalog: Lionel Clssic Trains Vol 1 2001 $5.00
Lionel 1999 V2 Catalog: Lionel Clssic Trains Vol 2 1999 $5.00
Lionel 2008 Catalog: Lionel Ready-To-Run Catalog 2008 $5.00
Lionel 2009 Catalog: Lionel Ready-To-Run Catalog 2009 $5.00
Lionel 2007 V1 Catalog: Lionel Trains Vol 1 2007 $5.00
Lionel 2007 V2 Catalog: Lionel Trains Vol 2 2007 (Harry Potter) $5.00
Lionel 2008 V2 Catalog: Lionel Trains Vol 2 2008 $5.00
Omega 2007 Catalog: Omega 2007 $5.00
Omega Catalog: Omega Catalog $5.00
Omega 2011 Catalog: Omega Catalog 2011 $5.00
Tag 2007 Catalog: Tag Heuer 2007 $5.00
4051142 Catalog: Timewriters 2011 Mont Blanc $5.00
Tissot 2007 2008 Catalog: Tissot Catalog 2007 2008 $1.00
C-17408-U Cleopatra Plastic Set New $45.00
COCA COLA Coca Cola Sign from a Freezer or similar $20.00
B-12322-1 Coin Box Plastic 3 hole; latched (Bally/Williams) $20.00
Coin Box Plastic Metal Lid Coin Box Plastic with 3 hole metal top $20.00
COORS LIGHT BUTTON Coors Light Lighted Button $1.00
CONTACT Contact Backglass NOS $200.00
Flyer Cue Ball Wizard Cue Ball Wizard Flyer $5.00
16-564-102 Cyclone Parts Information Manual (Original) $20.00
16-50028-101 Demolition Man Manual (Original) $20.00
820-5041-00 DISC BLACK MYLAR CABINET COVER Black matte finish plastic cabinet pivot bolt cover disc for Sega / Stern and other pinball machine cabinets. Peel and stick adhesive back 8 mil thick poly disc measures 1-3/8 inches (35 mm) in diameter and is suitable for cabinet interior or exterior use. $1.00
FLYER DONKEY KONG Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong Jr / Mario Bros. Flyer $5.00
16-20016-103 Dr Dude Operator's Handbook (Original) $5.00
16-20006-103 Dr Who Operator's Handbook (Original) $5.00
Dr Who Slings Dr Who Slings $25.00
16-20006-102 Dr Who WPC Schematic Manual (Original) $20.00
16-50001-101 Dracula Manual (Original) $20.00
16-50001-103 Dracula Operator's Handbook (Original) $5.00
16-50001-102 Dracula Schematics Manual (Original) January 1993 $20.00
16-50001-102-R Dracula Schematics Manual (Original) January 1993 $10.00
FLYER DRUG WARS Drug Wars Flyer $5.00
Lockbar Elvis Used Elvis (or similar Stern) lock bar with hole. Gold plated but worn on sides $25.00
802-5000-84 Elvis (Stern) Decal Set $60.00
802-5000-84-P Elvis (Stern) Decal Set Missing 2 spinner decals $50.00
802-5001-84-P Elvis (Stern) Lexan Decal Set 9 drop targets (set has 10) missing door decals $5.00
803-5000-84 Elvis (Stern) Plastic Set - NEW including new upper playfield plastic $229.00
803-5000-84-U2 Elvis (Stern) Plastic Set - used including new hotel plastics key chains $100.00
803-5000-84-U Elvis (Stern) Plastic Set - used including new hotel plastics key chains jailhouse rock 3 bumper caps 5 used drop targets $125.00
Elvis Ramps Elvis Left and Right Plated Ramps $200.00
780-5084-00 Elvis Manual (Original) - NEW $30.00
Lockbar Elvis Elvis Never used gold color plated lock bar. This is for an Elvis Gold pinball. $100.00
FO-703 Embryon Manual with Schematics (Original) $20.00
FLYER EXTREME HUNTING Exteme Hunting Flyer $5.00
F14 Beacon Assembly F14 Beacon Motor, Pulleys, Belts and Lights $105.00
16P-497-101 Firepower Manual (Original) $20.00
16P-497-103 Firepower Operator's Handbook (Original) $5.00
31-1676-1-U Fish Tales Used Plastic Set  with some new parts $50.00
16-50003-101 Funhouse Manual (Original) $20.00
FUTURITY CATALOG Futurity: Bally Bingo Operating Instructions and Parts Catalog (Original) $5.00
16-2003-101 Game Show Manual (Original) missing back cover $20.00
FO-622 Ground Shaker Manual (Original) $20.00
0E94-00300-0200 Hard Body Manual (Original) $15.00
16-541-101 High Speed Manual (Original) $20.00
GAME 1048 Hokus Pokus Manual (Original) Missing Schematics $10.00
16-50012-101 Hurricane Manual (Original) $20.00
16-10140 Indianapolis 500 Operator's Handbook (Original) $5.00
I500 SLINGS Indianapolis 500 Slings and Key Chain $20.00
31-2503-U Indy 500 Plastic Set Used $75.00
FLYER JOHNNY NERO Johnny Nero Action Hero Flyer $5.00
16-20020-101-R Judge Dredd Manual (Reprint) $20.00
Jukebox Printer Labels Jukebox Printer Labels $10.00
16-10316 Junk Yard Operator's Handbook (Original) $5.00
LEG BOLTS USED Leg Bolts Used some with 5/8" and some with 9/16" $0.25
LIONEL WINDOW DECAL Lionel 6" Circle Window Decal - Advertising $10.00
Lock Bar Widebody Lock Bar widebody for Bally/Williams $25.00
Flyer Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings Flyer $5.00
Megatouch Megatouch XL PLatinum Side Cabinet Decals $5.00
MAGAZINE STAND Magazine Stand (Covered Wire) $35.00
MP 81-4 Magazine: Marketplace Magazine April 1981 $5.00
MP 83-4 Magazine: Marketplace Magazine April 1983 $5.00
MP 81-6 Magazine: Marketplace Magazine June 1981 $5.00
MP 82-6 Magazine: Marketplace Magazine June 1982 $5.00
MP 81-5 Magazine: Marketplace Magazine May 1981 $5.00
MP 78-8 Magazine: Marketplace Magazine September 1978 $5.00
Model Railroading 1998 Magazine: Model Railroad Planning 1998 $5.00
Omega Issue 16 2016 Magazine: Omega Lifetime The Journey Edition Issue 16  2016 $5.00
Omega Issue 8 2011 Magazine: Omega Lifetime The Water Edition Issue 8  2011 $5.00
WatchTime August 2011 Magazine: WatchTime The Magazine of Fine Watches Mont Blanc Special August 2011 $5.00
Flyer Maverick Maverick Flyer $5.00
Megatouch Poster Megatouch Poster $1.00
MIAMI BEACH CATALOG Miami Beach: Bally Bingo Operating Instructions and Parts Catalog (Original) $5.00
Mills Clock Later Type Mills Clock Later Type (no roller) $125.00
Mills Clock Regular Mills Clock Reguler Type w/roller $125.00
Mills Lock Mills Lock and Key Genuine $100.00
MILLS SLOT COIN BOX Mills Slot Machine coin box $20.00
820-6287-XX-P Monopoly (Stern) Decal Set Missing right and center apron $20.00
830-5985-03-04 Monopoly (Stern) Slings New $15.00
830-5987-XX-P Monopoly Clear Under board light holder for play board area Missing 8 pieces originally $32 $10.00
16-2009-101-R Mousin' Around Manual (Reprint) $20.00
Various Music Music: Various Music CDs $1.00
780-5073-SP NFL Manual (Preliminary) $10.00
NIGHT-CLUB CATALOG Night-Club: Bally Bingo Operating Instructions and Parts Catalog (Original) $5.00
31-3059-SS No Good Gofers (Williams) Slings New $15.00
0H01-00300-0100 Party Animal Manual (Original) $20.00
PinballSkates Pinball Skates Dolly Movers $100.00
PINBALL Pinballs Used $0.25
16-50022-101 Popeye Saves the Earth Manual (Original) $20.00
802-5000-92-P POTC (Stern) Decal Set Missing left apron $75.00
30365 Rescue 911 Friction Wheel (New) $10.00
31-1567-4 RBG Green Button $12.00
802-5000-81-P RBION (Stern) Decal Set Missing Authentic Stern 2 trapazoid clear $20.00
780-5081-SP RBION Ripley's Believe It Or Not Manual (Preliminary) $10.00
31-1-50007-U Riverboat Gambler Used Plastic Set - Nice $75.00
Flyer Royal Rumble Royal Rumble Flyer $5.00
03-9288 RS Boom Box $10.00
SERVICE BRACKET Service Bracket - Playfield Service Bracket (1 slightly bent; 2 ok) $5.00
Shadow Slings Shadow Slings New  Plus key chain and other parts $30.00
31-2002-XX-P Shadow Used Plastic Set Partial $50.00
Flyer Shrek Shrek Flyer $5.00
A-12359-3 Side rails 47" for Bally/Williams (TOM) $25.00

Slot Machine: Mills 1931 Ok Vendor Nickel Slot Machine with Stand

Coins will be removed from the machine before sale.


Slot Machine: Pace 1938 Pace Dollar Slot Machine

Coins will be removed from the machine before sale.

Uses Eisenhower dollars or I have dollar tokens available for sale.


Slot Machine: Mills 1940s QT Hash Nickel Slot Machine

Coins will be removed from the machine before sale.


Slot Machine: Buckley (Mills) 1940s Nickel Slot Machine

Coins will be removed from the machine before sale.


Slot Machine: Mills Circa 1934 Castle Front Dime Slot Machine

Coins will be removed from the machine before sale.

16-532-103 Sorcerer Manual (Original) $20.00
Space Jam Translite Space Jam Translite $25.00
510-5037-00 Spiderman Ramp Middle with broken left side entrance $20.00
STAR TREK HOLOGRAM Star Trek (Data East) 2 piece Hologram $35.00
6007 Star Trek USS Enterprise Command Bridge Model Kit $10.00
FO-587 Strikes and Spares Manual (Original) $20.00
FO-587 No Schematics Strikes and Spares Manual (Original) No schematics $10.00
STTNG Cleat Plastics STTNG Clear plastics used $15.00
STTNG Plastic Protectors STTNG New 7 piece Pinball Decals Protector Set $25.00
STTNG Arch STTNG Star Trek Next Generation Arch (Apron) front left needs bending back a little $75.00
31-1803-1 STTNG Star Trek Next Generation Plastic Set New $200.00
STTNG-Plastics-and-Ramps STTNG Used Ramp and plastics $35.00
16-20017-101 TAF Addams Family Manual (Original) $20.00
16-20017-102 TAF Addams Family Schematics (Original) $20.00
Addams Family Cliffy TAF Ball ejector  Electric chair  vault  and swamp set (3 pieces) Cliffy protectors. $100.00
Addams Family Decals TAF PInball Decals decal set new $35.00
16-20017-103 TAF The Addams Family Operator's Handbook (Original) $5.00
AF-1 TAF Uncle Lester Lighted Addams Family Mod new from Pinball Pro $90.00
16-553-101 Taxi Manual (Original) $20.00
780-5017-00 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Manual (Original) $20.00
16-50013-101 Terminator 2 Judgment Day Manual (Original) $20.00
FLYER FAST FURIOUS The Fast and The Furious Flyer $5.00
16-50004-103 The Getaway Operator's Handbook (Original) $5.00
TISSOT DISPLAY Tissot Watch Display Sign $30.00
TOKENS-ANTIQUE Tokens: Various Antique Tokens $1.00
TOKEN-DOLLAR Tokens: Various Dollar Sized Tokens $0.75
TOKEN-QUARTER Tokens: Various Quarter Sized Tokens $0.20
TOUCHDOWN CATALOG Touchdown: 1960 Bally TOUCHDOWN Bingo Operating Instructions and Parts Catalog (Original) $5.00
820-6133-00-P Twister (Sega) Decal set Missing decal under truck $15.00
20-9809 TZ Ceramic ball $25.00
03-8834 TZ Clock Back Panel $15.00
03-8887 TZ Gumball Blade (Plastic inside gumball machine to guide balls) $5.00
TZ GUMBALLS TZ Gumballs from Pinballlife.com $9.00
Leg Various Legs $10 each; $8 for 2 or more sets of 4 $10.00
780-5035-00-R Viper Night Drivin' Manual (Reprint) $20.00
VIPER CARS Viper Night Drivin' Red and White Car $10.00
31-1924-8 WCS Goalie Decal $8.00
03-9134.1 WCS Goalie Soft Plastic $7.00
31-1925-25 WCS HEADER Plastic $15.00
31-1925-XX WCS Right Sling Plastic $10.00
31-1925-22 WCS RUN Plastic $3.00
SPINNER DECAL WCS Spinner Decals (Front and Back) $5.00
16-574-101 Whirlwind Manual (Original) $20.00
Wipeout Translite Wipeout Translite $25.00
16-9473-1 WPC Schematic Manual (Original) $20.00
16-9834 WPC Schematic Manual (Original) $20.00
16-9834.2 WPC Schematic Manual (Original) $20.00
16-9834-R WPC Schematic Manual (Reprint) PB Resource Reprint $20.00
16-10159.2 WPC-95 Schematic Manual (Original) $20.00
16-10159.3 WPC-95 Schematic Manual (Original) $20.00
16-10159.3-R WPC-95 Schematic Manual (Reprint) from PB Resource $20.00
830-5486-03-04 X-Files (Sega) Slings New $15.00
803-5000-D2 XMEN LE Complete New Plastic Set $125.00
XMEN LE PROTECTORS XMEN LE New Plastic Protector Set from pinbits.com $37.00
545-7313-00 XMEN Magneto Figurine for XMen $100.00
545-7312-00 XMEN Wolverine Figurine for XMen $100.00


Virginia Sales Tax

Virginia sales tax is currently 6.0%. Sales tax for in-state orders applies to machines and parts. It does not apply to the delivery or repair services.


As of August 1, 2014, we will no longer provide a warranty with our pinballs unless you purchase a separate warranty from us. A 1 year warranty is $500 or pay as you go if you even need it. If you buy it directly from us and take it home yourself, you will be inspecting it to ensure it works. If we deliver, we will ensure that it works 100% when delivered.

Reasons You Should Let Us Deliver Your Pinball (or Another Machine)

  1. We will NOT provide a warranty for the machine since we cannot be assured that a problem did not happen when you transported the machine. (As of August 1, 2014, we will no longer provide a warranty with our pinballs unless you purchase a separate warranty from us. A 1 year warranty is $500 or pay as you go if you even need it. If you buy it directly from us and take it home yourself, you will be inspecting it to ensure it works. If we deliver, we will ensure that it works 100% when delivered.)
  2. We take responsibility for any damage that may occur during the delivery process.
  3. We professionally set up the machine, connect all the connectors, attach the legs, head, etc. and ensure that the pinball works properly. If anything is out of adjustment due to moving the machine, we can fix it in a few minutes as compared to having to come to your house later and charging you a trip fee and repair charge.
  4. If anything major is out of adjustment, we can order parts and repair. This hardly ever happens but it could and you and the machine are protected.

Delivery Options

We are currently set up for local delivery only within the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and North-Eastern West Virginia area. If you are interested in shipping the pinball machine, we will contact a shipper. You will pay all crating and postage costs.

If you would like us to deliver and set up within 50 miles of Purcellville, the charge is $300; within 100 miles $475. The delivery charge includes delivery to a first floor or basement level if walk-out.

We will not sell you a game/deliver the game if the only entrance to your basement is an inside the house staircase. They are too narrow. Plus we have to ensure we don't mess up carpet or wood. It just isn't worth it.

You may also come and pick up the machine from our location.